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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Archaological Find: Global Warming Thousands of Years Ago

Al Gore and his acolytes would have us believe that any warming of planet earth is due to the evil machinations of those of us in the West (primarily in the United States--the most evil of all nations) and that it is specifically the fault of SUVs, coal fired power plants and modern industry.

Interesting, then, that Yahoo News reports archaeologists have found several objects they say date back to about 4,000 BC about 9,000 feet above sea level in the Swiss Alps.

So far, 300 objects dating as far back as the Neolithic or New Stone Age -- about 4,000 BC in Europe -- to the later Bronze and Iron Ages and the Medieval era have been found in the site's former icefields.

But relative to the claims of Al Gore and his fellow anthropogenic global warming enthusiasts, consider this:
But it would never have emerged if climate change were not melting the nearby glacier.

Okay, so we have evil SUVs to thank for melting the ice and finding these treasures. So what?
They have allowed researchers not only to piece together snapshots of life way back when, but also to shed light on climate fluctuations in the past 6,500 years -- and hopefully shed light on what is happening now.

"For us, the site itself is the most important find because we have this correlation between climate change and archaeological objects," Hafner said.

"We know that people were only able to walk on this site when it was relatively warm," said Martin Grosjean, executive director of a national network called Swiss Climate Research. "When it was too cold, the glacier advanced and it was not a passable route."

Scientists have long known there were periods of warmer weather in the region but the artefacts allowed them to identify the exact years, when the site would have been passable on foot.

According to Grosjean, such data could help sharpen forecasts for the future by taking into account patterns of natural temperature fluctuation.

Hmmm. Natural temperature fluctuations. Not passable when it's cold, yet man-made tools were found there.

That must mean it was at least this warm several thousand years ago!

And according to the best archaeological data available to us, there were no SUVs or coal-fired power plants thousands of years ago.

This must mean that the climate was about this warm--if not warmer--several thousands of years ago. And that it was a natural phenomenon.

Wow! I can't wait to see what Al Gore thinks! He's going to be so surprised to find out he's been wrong all this time.



Oliver said...

You may want to look up the Holocene Maximum. It is well known that there was a warm period in the northern hemisphere until ~ 5000 years, and this is also mentioned in the IPCC report. It is perfectly in line with climate science. The reason are changes in the orbital parameters of the Earth, and is not an explanation for the warming we see today. There are other factors that influence climate than greenhouse gases, however the current warming is best explained by greenhouse gases emitted by human activities.

If you want to criticize the AGW theory, you should be better informed. Careful reading of the IPCC report would be a good start.

Bob Ellis said...

Better explained because...it's more convenient for anti-capitalists?

That's really the only way in which anthropogenic global warming fits better.

You also can't explain warming on Mars and Jupiter with anthropogenic causes.

The IPCC isn't science; it's ideologically-driven political propaganda from the anti-West UN.

If you want to cling to the lunacy of AGW theory, you really should be better informed. Careful application of common sense to the facts versus the spin would be a great start.

Climate Chaos said...

Excellent you have started to investigate and report beyond the simple headlines fed by the AGW group. You've touched the point there has been warming and cooling long before.

Another interesting point to investigate is sunspots and cooling due to lack of sunspots. Look up the Maunder minimum and Dalton minimum. Also note we are overdue on cycle 24 sunspots.

Also, look at the ocean cycles. The topic is much more complex than the AGW people would lead you to believe.

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