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Operation Rescue Calls for Excommunication of BTK Killer

Killer member of Lutheran ELCA Synod

Operation Rescue will be passing out flyers calling for the excommunication of BTK serial killer, Denis Rader, and late-term abortionist George R. Tiller, during Rader's sentencing hearing tomorrow. Both men are members of churches belonging to the Evangelical Churches in America Synod (ELCA).

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As the world's eyes focus on Wichita for Rader's sentencing, members of Operation Rescue will also hold photos of victims of abortionist George Tiller, including a young woman named Christen who was killed by abortion in January. Seven months later, her autopsy report is still unavailable and her killer is not being held accountable for her tragic death. In addition, Tiller is under investigation by the Kansas Attorney General's office for committing possible illegal late-term abortions.

The outreach is part of Operation Rescue's "Operation Righteous Judgment" campaign to excommunicate unrepentant killers, including abortionists, from local churches. "We are thankful that Wichita will be passing judgment on Dennis Rader for the murders of 10 people. Their families will finally see justice on behalf of their loved-ones," said Cheryl Sullenger, a spokesperson for Operation Rescue. "However, abortionist Tiller boasts of having killed thousands of innocent babies, many of which were viable and healthy, which is contrary to Kansas law. He has also killed at least one woman during one of several recent botched abortions, yet no one seeks justice for his victims."

"We will be outside the Sedgwick County Courthouse during BTK's sentencing to ask that the churches in Wichita demand the excommunication of both of Wichita's impenitent 'serial killers.' It is time for the church to 'judge righteous judgment' as mandated by Scripture," said Sullenger.

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