The Modern American Dictionary

A Language Traslantion for Normal People in a Liberal-Dominated Culture

With the cultural dominance of liberalism through the “mainstream” media and the intelligentsia, it was determined that there was a need to assist the average, patriotic, common-sense American in translating the confusing, paradoxical, often contradictory-to-reality politically-correct language used by modern liberals.

The following linguistic translations are offered to assist the average American in understanding. The attempt was to formulate accurate and useful translations from an objective point of view, but keeping in mind how the modern liberal uses the term.

compromise – (1) doing what liberals want; (2) doing things the way liberals expect; (3) capitulating to liberals’ demands; (4) what conservatives and/or Republicans are expected to do (see definitions 1-3);

conservative 1: an evil, racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, knuckle-dragging, scientifically-illiterate, who refuses to agree with liberals; (2) when used by a moderately liberal person to describe themselves, it means “good old-fashioned conservative”

controversial – something which has been done a certain way for a very long time; something almost universally recognized as the right thing to do; traditional; conservative

diversity – favoring a particular person or group based on sex, race, sexual behavior or another preferred demographic; note that “diversity” deliberately excludes non-favored demographic groups, e.g. whites, males, Christians, etc.

free speech –  speech which has been vetted and approved by proper governmental authorities.  Wealthy people, conservatives (definition #1), fundigelicals, and other intolerant people are allowed access to this only in small, controlled doses.  Those who are tolerant or mainstream may exercise free speech without criticism or restraint, especially when used to promote immoral, anti-American or obscene information.

fundigelical – a serious, committed Christian who believes in the fundamental teachings of the Bible (authority of God, inerrancy of Scripture, human’s need for a Savior, telling others about God, obedience to God’s commands, etc.). Used as a term of scorn by those who despise the basic teachings of the Bible and would rather be left to determine their own morality or lack thereof.

hate – to tell the truth about or criticize, esp.  the truth about immoral behavior. Can be considered “negative campaigning” (see definition) if employed against a liberal candidate.

intolerance –  the act of telling the truth about an immoral, unhealthy, dangerous, unwise or un-American attitude or behavior. Intolerance is a disorder which affects only conservatives (definition #1); mainstream political adherents or liberals are immune to this disorder, though some conservatives may confuse the tolerance displayed by mainstreamers with intolerance.  Intolerance is sometimes synonymous with slime (see definition).

liberal – an extinct type of political adherant (many believe they never existed), rumored to believe in: extensive government power, minimal freedom for average Americans, loathing American values, admiration for America’s enemies, etc. Note: the media can never find one of these when discussing issues from an ideological perspective; only conservatives and “moderates” now exist

mainstream – a political sphere once known as “liberal” but now used to signal the herd as to what it should believe and where it should be going

media bias – a phenomenon of animosity toward normal and traditional American values; most Americans observe the phenomenon at major news outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post and others, but liberals are usually unable to observe the phenomenon.  Journalists are most vulnerable to blindness in this area.

moderate – (noun) a liberal who won’t admit it;  (adjective) a liberal political philosophy somewhere to the right of Karl Marx, usually professed by a liberal who won’t admit it

negative campaigning – to tell the truth about a political opponent’s bad record or embrace of bad ideas.  Example: “My opponent voted yes on 11 of the last 12 tax hike bills. He’s pro-tax increase.”

nutjob – a conservative who unapologetically states a truth which exposes liberal misconduct or bad ideas. Usually the more patriotic, common-sense or obvious the statement, the more the “nutjob” designation is applied.

patriotic –  (1) the act of loathing one’s own country (2) working to weaken or diminish the strength of one’s own country, e.g. (a) utilizing moral equivalency to make your own country look as bad as a rogue nation or group of terrorists, (b) to undermine your own country’s military strength and commitment in time of war, (c) to impede your own country’s access to its own natural resources or freedom to purchase natural resources from another country, (d) emphasizing every moral failure–real or perceived–by your own country

reform –  to make more liberal; to socialize; to change a thing in the opposite direction from common sense;

science – the study of the world around us which is to be used to promote liberal ideas where possible, and ignored where inconvenient. Examples: science shows the uniqueness of human life from conception, but the “fetus” is only a “blastocyst;” multiple studies show links between abortion and breast cancer, infertility, and mental health problems…but there is no danger associated with abortion; science indicates homosexual behavior is contrary to biology and very dangerous…but yet it is “normal, natural and healthy;” we know the age of the earth is 4.5 billion years old…though no one was there and the only “science” we have to determine this is based purely on several unproven and unprovable assumptions.

slime – the act of revealing unpleasant facts about a liberal or a liberal’s voting record; to reveal facts about a liberal or a liberal’s voting record

sustainability – a newer form of radical environmentalism that negatively affects every area of your life through the use of various regulations; uses stealth to mask environmentalism inside seemingly important and necessary business, civic and residential regulations

swiftboat –  to tell unpleasant truths about, to expose the record of, to decloak a liberal who attempts to hide their liberal record behind military service, to refuse to accept self-aggrandizements at face value

tolerance –  the act of celebrating immoral behavior. It should be noted that tolerance is only required of normal Americans toward immoral and un-American behavior.  The act of condemning normal Americans for failure to exercise tolerance is known as promotion of tolerance, and should not be confused with intolerance.

women’s health services – what regular Americans call “abortion,” considered a vital medical service by the Left. This necessity is due to the fact that the Left views pregnancy as a harsh medical condition, an STD involving a parasitical infestation of a life form similar to but genetically distinct from the host.  Related term: emergency, as in   “emergency contraception,” a medical treatment employed to prevent the aforementioned parasitical infestation after a night of irresponsible sex. Unfettered access to emergency contraception is considered a vital component of women’s health services.