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The Party of Hell No!

It’s apparently obvious to the President and his handlers that people have seen through the hype and are mobilizing to excise them and their Progressive aberration from the body politic so they’re relying on their tried and true playbook, misdirect, mislead, mislabel and conquer.


This is the latest from Lloyd Marcus, the patriotic entertainer who brought us the Tea Party themes American Tea Party Anthem and We the People. Marcus is a singer and composer who is touring with the Tea Party Express Tour.  He is also a columnist at AmericanThinker.com. I wonder what he means by “Twenty-Ten”?  Any ideas, […]

Mark Skogerboe Speaks on Renewing the Covenant of Our Founding Fathers

This is a video of my friend Mark Skogerboe giving a speech at the Bemidji, Minnesota Independence Day Tea Party a few weeks ago. The speech was entitled “Renewing the Covenant of Our Founding Fathers.”

Video: Health Care Presentation at Rapid City Independence Day Tea Party

Videos of Dr. Don Van Etten on socialized health care at the Rapid City Independence Day Tea Party.

Video: Rapid City Independence Day Tea Party on Cap and Trade

This is video of a presentation on the cap and trade global warming tax, given at the Independence Day Tea Party in Rapid City.

Rapid City Independence Day Tea Party – Veterans Tribute

Video from the Rapid City Independence Day Tea Party of the tribute paid to veterans wounded in service to our country.

Rapid City Independence Day Tea Party – Opening Statements

More video from Saturday’s Independence Day Tea Party in Rapid City. This video shows opening remarks and other activities, along with a cute impromptu “freedom dance” by a little girl.

Crowd Video from Rapid City Independence Day Tea Party

This is a short video of the crowd gathered in Memorial Park for the Rapid City Independence Day Tea Party. Protest and demonstration is not in the nature of the average American. But when our country is threatened as it is now, patriots rise up and will not be silenced.

Rapid City Independence Day Tea Party Was a Blast!

Upwards of 1,000 people attended the Independence Day Tea Party at Memorial Park in Rapid City today. Despite threatening weather at times and an event-filled day for everyone, it was a fantastic success. People heard about threats to our liberty and prosperity, honored veterans wounded in service to our country, and re-committed to the preservation of freedom in our great land.

Citizens for Liberty Press Conference

Citizens for Liberty held a press conference in Rapid City today, introducing the group to the public and announcing tomorrow’s Independence Day Tea Party.

New Tea Party Anthem: We the People

Lloyd Marcus, the man who created the catchy, fun anthem for the Tax Day Tea Parties, has come out with a new, passionate anthem for the Independence Day Tea Parties. It is a beautiful tribute to the greatness of America, and the great blessings of liberty, endowed by our Creator, that we enjoy here.

The Letter: Socialist Usurpers are on Notice

Hear this impassioned letter from an average American who has simply had enough of socialist usurpers who are dismantling America and taking our country where it was never intended to go. Isn’t it time you, too, stood up and said, “Enough!”

Sioux Falls, Rapid City Tea Parties Gear Up to Preserve Health Care

Tea Parties in Sioux Falls and Rapid City will be joining more than 1,200 other communities around the nation as we hold the next round of Tea Parties for Independence Day. A central theme of these Tea Parties will be information and education about the costly assault on freedom we face in socialized medicine health care proposals being considered by the government in Washington. The time for patriots to rise up in defense of their country is NOW.

Poll: Plurality Believe Constitution Doesn’t Restrict Govt Enough

The latest Rasmussen poll shows the largest segment of Americans by far believe the Constitution doesn’t place enough restrictions on the government. But is it because the Constitution is inadequate in this regard? Or is it that our leaders (and too many American citizens) simply aren’t obeying those restrictions? Examine how the Constitution is designed to restrict government, and why that currently isn’t happening.

Citizens for Liberty of Rapid City Launches Website

Citizens for Liberty, the group that brought you the Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party, now has their website up and running. Citizens for Liberty is a group of about 40-50 concerned citizens from Rapid City and other areas in West River South Dakota who recognize the need for our country, state and community to […]

Rapid City Tea Party Becomes Citizens for Liberty

The latest meeting of the folks who organized Rapid City’s Tax Day Tea Party was held yesterday, and lots of exciting stuff is on the way! In the rush to join the national Tax Day Tea Party grassroots movement, 40 or 50 folks from the Black Hills area came together quickly without formalizing much of […]

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending April 25

These are the top 10 items from Dakota Voice for the last week, based on importance, impact, number of hits and comments. In case you missed them the first time around, or simply want to peruse them in more depth in your Sunday leisure, bon appitite!  CIA Confirms Waterboarding Thwarted Attack on Los Angeles – Despite […]

Anti-Marxists are Rightwing Extremists?

Marie Jon’ It could not be nearer to what you suspect. Under his new regime, President Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security sent an intimidating message to law enforcement agencies nationwide calculated to silence any American who does not agree with the president’s social notions and political agenda. It is obvious that Rev. Jeremiah Wright is the […]

Rapid City Tea Party: What’s Next?

The organizers of the Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party held their first post-Tea Party meeting yesterday, and again it was a room full of concerned citizens.  We knew before we held the Tea Party on April 15 that we’d be moving on afterward to new and perhaps even greater things, and now we’ve begun […]

Poll: Most Americans Like the Tea Parties

A new Rassmussen Reports finding shows 51% of Americans have a favorable view of the Tea Parties, including 32% that find them “very favorable.” Only 33% view the Tea Parties unfavorably (undoubtedly Big Government socialists), and 15% haven’t awaken from their slumber sufficiently to have an opinion either way. These findings stand in stark contrast […]

Republican Booed Off Tea Party Stage

The propagandists in the media want average Americans to believe the Tea Party movement is just a GOP scheme against President Obama. Yet Congressman Gresham Barrett (R-SC) was repeatedly and continually booed as he took the stage at a Tea Party on Friday in Greenville, South Carolina. The Palmetto Scoop reports on 4,000 Tea Partiers […]

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending April 18

These are a few of the best articles from the past week at Dakota Voice.  They made the list because of the number of hits, number of comments, or their importance and impact If you missed them earlier this week, or want to digest them at a more leisurely pace than you were able to […]

Gordon Howie Introduces Program at the Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party

Gordon Howie emcees and opens the program portion of the Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party, April 15, 2009. Some 1,500 or more people showed up at Memorial Park to send a message to Washington D.C. that they’re fed up with unconstitutional and incompetent policies coming out of there. Attendees also lined Omaha Street and […]

Interview with Brian Barber at Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party

Brian Barber is a rancher who was one of the featured speakers at the Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party on April 15. This is a short interview I did with Brian on why he considered this event important and what he hopes to see happen in our state and our country next.

Interview with Dawn Pence at Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party

Businesswoman Dawn Pence was one of the speakers at the Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party. This is a brief interview I conducted with her on why she felt it important to participate in the Tax Day Tea Party, and where she hopes to see the energy behind the movement go after the Tea Party.