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Time to Reunite Church and State

Time to Reunite Church and State

It’s time for men of the cloth – as they did during the first American Revolution – to exercise true leadership, return to the pulpit and call for national revival, both spiritual and political. As George Washington so astutely observed, the notion that political issues, and those of “religion and morality,” are somehow mutually exclusive, is patently absurd. They are one in the same.

On Gun Powder and Health Care

The political aristocracy has ignored and abused the men and women of this country that make it all work for too long. At long last, patriots are beginning to make themselves heard and, while eschewing violence, have reminded their representatives that they work for us and we will not tolerate their arrogance, lies and theft of our property any longer. And yes, we are armed, as is our constitutional right. Men like Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine and all the other great patriots have left us a legacy and a duty.