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Rick Warren is no Billy Graham

BY STAR PARKERFOUNDER & PRESIDENTCOALITION ON URBAN RENEWAL & EDUCATION Last August I wrote a column critical of Rick Warren’s decision to host a presidential candidate forum at his Saddleback Church. My reasoning then was that America’s crisis is moral ambiguity. I argued that Pastor Warren would only contribute to this ambiguity by hosting candidates […]

Blagojevich and the Shape of Scandals to Come

By Marie Jon’ It’s only five weeks before Obama’s inauguration, and already we have a big scandal. Are you curious at all to see if the drive-by-media will have the same bloodlust for David Axelrod as they did for poor Scooter Libby? It won’t be surprising if Axelrod is thrown under the bus like the […]

Obama Popularity May Tank When Americans See His Liberal Policies

Polls show most people like the way President-elect Barack Obama is handling the transition, but that popularity could go away when Americans start seeing just how liberal Obama really is. He plans to push the Freedom of Choice Act which would reverse practically every abortion restriction in the country–including the ban on the barbaric partial […]

Pro-Homosexual Ad Counters Another Ad Condemning Prop. 8 Violence

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Katherine T. PhanChristian Post ReporterFri, Dec. 12 2008 08:29 AM EST A pro-gay rights group published a full-page ad in The Salt Lake Tribune on Thursday to respond to an earlier ad by a religious liberty group that condemned the mob “violence and intimidation” directed against the […]

Joe the Plumber Was Appalled by McCain

You might recall Joe the Plumber aka Joe Wurzelbacher, the outstanding American who brought Barack Obama’s Marxist leanings out into the opens with the “spread your wealth” comment he incited from Obama. You might also recall that Joe didn’t engage on the McCain bandwagon for a long time, and when he did, it seemed rather […]

On the Sidelines No More

VoteYesForLife.com published an email today from someone who regrets their disengaged attitude during the election: Dear Respecter of Life, I was one of those who were dreadfully naive about the vote last month on measure 11. I assumed it would pass and was shocked when it didn’t. My personal reasons and excuses for not becoming […]

Wright, Ayers Crawl Out of their Hole

Now that the election has passed, I see that Barack Obama’s racist anti-American pastor Jeremiah Wright and his anti-American terrorist associate Bill Ayers have crawled out of whatever hole they were kept in to keep them quiet. In the Fox News story below, it is said that Wright claims the “media” tried to use him […]

Homosexual Legislators Introduce Resolutions Opposing Prop. 8

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Lawrence JonesChristian Post ReporterThu, Dec. 04 2008 08:19 AM EST Two California lawmakers and openly gay members of the Legislature have introduced measures supporting the repeal of Proposition 8. On Tuesday, state Sen. Mark Leno and state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, both Democratic lawmakers from San Francisco, introduced […]

Chambliss: Governor Palin ‘Allowed Us to Peak’

Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss giving credit where credit is due.

New Poll: McCain Voters Knew More About Candidates Than Obama Voters

You might remember that a few weeks ago a video put together by John Zielger at HowObamaGotElected.com came out which set the liberals howling with rage. The video showed interviews with 12 people who were existing the polls after having voted for Barack Obama. In the video, we sadly see that the Obama voters knew […]

Proposition 8 Melee: Who’s Being Intolerant?

This is the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) video put together of some of the outrageous behavior from homosexual activists after Californians voted for Proposition 8 to return marriage to the normal, natural definition: between a man and a woman. Notice the “tolerance” from these homosexual activists as they rip a cross from an old woman’s […]

Video Reveals the Intolerance of the Tolerant

CitizenLink has put together a video examining a few of the examples of intolerance from the primary source of the gospel of tolerance: the homosexual community. The homosexual community, especially in California, was beyond outraged when the voters of that state exercised their right to vote and chose to retain the definition of marriage humans […]

Senator Saxby Chambliss Wins Runoff in Georgia

The media is now reporting that Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss has won the runoff election in Georgia against Democrat Jim Martin, putting a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate for Democrats out of reach. With more than 70% of precincts reporting, the vote is 60%-40% in the incumbent Chambliss’ favor. The runoff became necessary when the […]

A Call to Repent for Obama Vote by Another Catholic Priest

A Catholic priest in Modesto, CA, Rev. Joseph Illo, sent his parishioners at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church a letter telling them they should confess if they voted for Barack Obama because Obama supports abortion. This is the second priest we’ve heard about recently who has said something like this. It is heartening to see many […]

State of Calif. Investigating Mormon Church Support for Proposition 8

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Eric YoungChristian Post ReporterSun, Nov. 30 2008 06:13 PM EST The government body that enforces political campaign, lobbying, and conflict of interest laws in the state of California will be conducting an investigation of the Mormon church and its role in the campaign to ban gay marriage […]

Zogby Releases Poll, Statement on How Obama Got Elected

Yesterday quite a few Barack Obama voters–the more cognizant ones, that is–were upset to hear about the video made by John Ziegler of questions being asked of clueless Obama voters after they had come out of the voting booth. While almost every one could answer questions about the slurs the media and other liberals made […]

Obama Associate Bill Ayers: We Ought to Abolish Prisons

Barack Obama’s terrorist associate Bill Ayers says some interesting things in this short video. He regrets dedicating his terrorist manifesto Prairie Fire to Robert F. Kennedy-assassin Sirhan Sirhan…but denies doing it even though he regrets it. He also says, “We ought to abolish the prisons.” I guess there are no bad people in Ayers world […]

Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected

The “How Obama Got Elected” Zombie Voters video has gone viral. I posted it late last evening and it burned up the internet overnight. Hannity and Colmes also talked to the man, John Ziegler, who commissioned the Zogby poll and did the documentary video last night (see below). John Ziegler said he would bet Alan […]

How Obama Got Elected: Zombie Voters

Now I know that our liberal bloggers in South Dakota are more informed than the folks in this video (our lib bloggers at least know who most of the players are), so don’t think I’m poking fun at you, liberal bloggers. But you know as well as I do that this is almost certainly all-too-typical […]

Under California Constitution, Proposition 8 Should Stand

SACRAMENTO, California, November 17 /Standard Newswire/ — With their vote under attack by liberal county governments, homosexual activists and the ACLU, many Californians are wondering whether they’ve lost the right to amend the constitution. The answer is no, according to the constitution itself and the legislative and legal history regarding the difference between an “amendment” […]

Survey Finds U.S. Churches Less Engaged in 2008 Election

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Jennifer RileyChristian Post ReporterSun, Nov. 16 2008 12:47 PM EST Churches were less active in this year’s election process than in 2004, according to a recently released survey. The survey by Pew Research Center for the People & the Press found that significantly fewer voters who attended […]

Homosexual Rights Group Intends to Put Marriage on 2010 Ballot

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Katherine T. PhanChristian Post ReporterSat, Nov. 15 2008 10:03 AM EST California voters may have to face the issue of gay marriage again on the 2010 ballot if the state Supreme Court decides to uphold the passage of Proposition 8. Equality California, a gay rights group which […]

Elli Schwiesow Won’t Seek Dist 32 Recount

The Rapid City Journal reported last night that Elli Schwiesow, Dist. 32 Independent candidate, would not seek a recount in her contest against “Republican” Stan Adelstein and Democrat Tom Katus. When all the votes were counted after the election, Adelstein was 151 votes ahead of Schwiesow, which is within the margin for a recount. However, […]

Unrepentant Terrorist ‘Jubilant’ At Obama’s Election

This video features terrorist Bill Ayers and his bomber-babe Bernadine Dohrn about their “jubilant” reaction to Barack Obama’s election. On one hand, I find it educating and illustrative that an unrepentant domestic terrorist who remains dedicated to Marxism and the destruction of the United States is so jubilant at the election of Barack Obama to […]

Michelle Obama: Finally Proud of Her Country

Michelle Obama has apparently come a long way in her appreciation of America. “What a country” “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country” “It’s easier to hold on to your own stereotypes and misconceptions, it makes you feel justified in your own ignorance…That’s America” Hmmm. My love for […]