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Soft on Crime: Tough Sentences Save Lives

Soft on Crime: Tough Sentences Save Lives

Some people think it’s “harsh” to give criminals long sentences. Yet if David Tiger, the young man who killed one Rapid City police officer and seriously wounded two others, had been made to serve the full sentences he had been given for his long list of previous crimes, Officer McCandless would not be dead and Officers Armstrong and Doyle would not be in the hospital in critical condition. What will it take to force our judicial system to get serious about protecting the public?

Murderers Tend to Discover Late the Value of Life

Murderers Tend to Discover Late the Value of Life

Murderers choose to take the life of an innocent human being. Yet frequently when they receive the death penalty for their crime, suddenly they begin to appreciate the value of human life. It’s odd how their perspective changes when their life hangs in the balance.

Murderer Briley Piper’s Death Sentence Overturned

The South Dakota Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the judge in Briley Piper’s conviction for the murder of Chester Allan Poage did not properly explain that a jury would have to unanimously agree to sentence him to the death penalty. Yet according to the verbatim transcript included in the Supreme Court’s decision, the judge appeared to go to great lengths to explain this to Piper.

Cost Savings and the Death Penalty

By Dudley Sharp Justice Matters There is no need to abandon justice. Reasonable and responsible protocols, currently in use, will produce a death penalty which costs no more, or will cost less, than life without parole (LWOP). Death penalty states could better implement justice, as given by jurors, and save taxpayers money, currently wasted by many […]

The Death Penalty: Justice Over Money

Cory Heidelberger at the Madville Times continues the liberal tradition of upside-down morality with his promotion of a repeal of the death penalty for financial reasons.  He cites statistics which find that it costs $1.9 million more to execute a convicted murderer than it does to incarcerate them for life. The truth that he glosses […]

Convicted Murderer Endorses Obama

From the LA Times, convicted murderer Dale Leo Bishop endorsed Barack Obama before being executed for murdering a friend with a claw hammer in 1998. “For those who oppose the death penalty and want to see it end, our best bet is to vote for Barack Obama because his supporters have been working behind the […]

Can Rev. Carroll Pickett be trusted?

GUEST COLUMN By Dudley SharpJustice Matters Rev. Pickett is on a promotional tour for the anti death penalty film “At the Death House Door”. It is partially about the Reverend’s experience ministering to 95 death row inmates executed in Texas. Rev. Pickett’s inaccuracies are many and important. Does Rev. Pickett just make facts up as […]

The Death Penalty: More Protection for Innocents

GUEST COLUMN By Dudley SharpJustice Matters Often the death penalty dialogue gravitates to the subject of innocents at risk of execution. Seldom is a more common problem reviewed. That is, how innocents are more at risk without the death penalty. Living murderers in prison, after release or escape or after our failures to incarcerate them, […]

Seeing Through the Lies about Lethal Injection

Debra J. Saunders at the San Francisco Chronicle has a piece on the case before the Supreme Court arguing that execution by lethal injection is “cruel and unusual” based on the contention that these convicted murderers might feel some pain as they meet justice. Saunders sheds some scientific light on these thin arguments: Start with […]

Are Lethal Injections Cruel and Unusual?

From Fox News, the Supreme Court is looking at the constitutionality of lethal injections. For most people with common sense, it’s a no-brainer. But liberals must always anguish over punishing wrongdoers and worry that they might feel some discomfort as they receive their punishment for murdering an innocent human being. From a purely constitutional perspective, […]

UN Calls for Death Penalty Moratorium

From the Del Rio News Herald, the UN has voted for a moratorium on the death penalty. The vote is not binding. The article points out that the U.S. took “the unusual step of siding with countries such as Iran, China and Syria.” Of course this makes the U.S. look bad, since everyone knows these […]

More on Death Penalty Deterrent Effect

The New York Times has an article today examining the death penalty’s deterrent effect. Some of the study information became available several months ago, but it examines the issue in a little more depth than some previous articles I read back then. Incidentally, the primary study cited was done by a death penalty opponent, so […]

Death Penalty Reduces Murders

Opponents of the death penalty like to tell us that there’s no deterrent effect from capital punishment. Since it takes an average of 11 years to execute a convicted murderer, thus far removing the act from it’s consequences, that might not be a surprise. But would it be a surprise if there were STILL a […]

Montgomery Found Guilty Of Killing Pregnant Woman

From (KMBC – Channel 9 News out of Kansas City)… “Montgomery Found Guilty Of Killing Pregnant Woman POSTED: 12:40 pm CDT October 22, 2007UPDATED: 5:45 pm CDT October 22, 2007 KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A woman whose attorneys had argued that she was suffering from delusions when she killed an expectant mother and cut […]

Florida: The Land of Questionable Justice

“Convicted by a sleeping jury by Mark YannoneAugust 24, 2007 During the closing arguments of the prosecution of Florida citizen Nancy Grant, the assistant prosecutor told the jury, “if someone is telling another person about their civil rights, they are practicing law without a license.” This is the state that allowed a judge to sentence […]

The Deadline of Innocence

By Carrie K. Hutchens There should be no statute of limitations, or deadlines without exceptions, when it comes to proof of innocence. No one should be forced to stay in prison or be executed, simply because the innocence issue wasn’t resolved in time. How ridiculous to suggest otherwise, especially when we have a judicial system […]

Kent on Crime

Jim Kent’s column in the Rapid City Journal today deals with capital punishment. Kent says some of his opinions on crime and punishment come from his experiences in the Marine Corps where he did some corrections work. Having also worked in law enforcement and corrections, I concur with his first hand assessments of criminals in […]

Read it Again

Far too few Christians spoke up in the recent public debate over capital punishment, and many of the few that did were from the misguided group that believes Christianity condemns the death penalty. However, in today’s Rapid City Journal, there comes a letter to the editor from a pastor in Sturgis: Death penalty is morally […]

Page Got a "Better Deal"

I haven’t seen the need to say a whole lot in the aftermath of Elijah Page’s execution last night. I take no joy in his death, but do feel gratitude that justice was finally served, if 6+ years overdue. I did, however, come across a story and a quote worth drawing attention to. It’s from […]

Death Penalty Polls: Support Remains Very High

GUEST COLUMN By Dudley SharpJustice Matters 76% of Americans find that we should impose the death penalty more or that we impose it about right – only 21% that it is imposed too often. (Gallup, May 2006 – 51% that we should impose it more, 25% that we impose it about right) 71% find capital […]

Page Execution Set

The Rapid City Journal reports Elijah Page’s execution has been set for 10:00 pm Central Time on Wednesday. According to state law, the execution must happen sometime during the week, so it could be delayed and still fall within the legal timeframe. Hopefully the governor will have the courage to follow through with it this […]

Lethal Injection: Current Controversies Resolved

GUEST COLUMN By Dudley SharpJustice Matters Several issues have come up with regard to lethal injection. Generally, they are: 1) The murderer experiencing pain during execution; 2) The ethics of medical professionals participating in executions; and 3) Proper training of execution personnel. 1) PAIN AND LETHAL INJECTION The evidence, including the immediate autopsy of executed […]

Compassion for Murderers

Any murder, no matter how quickly, suddenly, or painlessly it is done, deserves the death penalty. But as we approach the execution of Elijah Page, we should look at just how depraved the three who killed Chester Allan Poage were. KELO features an excerpt from Elijah Page’s confession: Investigator: “Were you laughing?” Page: “We chuckled. […]

Death Penalty is Scriptural, Healthy for a Just Society

The Argus Leader has an article today on the Christian worldview of the death penalty, and it’s surprisingly balanced. While it gives some of the touchy-feely rationalizations made by some Christians these days–which frankly aren’t biblical but are borrowed from their unbelieving neighbors–it gives a couple of the Scriptural references which support the death penalty: […]

Gearing up for Execution

As South Dakota gears up to execute convicted murderer Elijah Page, the sob stories are already starting. I saw one in the Rapid City Journal a couple of days ago which was short on fact about the upcoming execution, but very long (complete with the violin playing in the background) about how Page is just […]