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Heretics in the Church of Tolerance

I read an interesting op/ed from the Kentucky Courier-Journal today. It seems former teacher James K. Willmot is pretty chapped about the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. There is a great educational injustice being inflicted upon thousands of children in this country… he begins, referring to the museum. I thought liberals were supposed to be […]

Conversion of an Atheist

Evolution News today points to an interview with former atheist Antony Flew. Flew has been described as a “sort of Richard Dawkins before Dawkins, his name synonymous with staunchly materialistic beliefs.” Among the interesting statements regarding his conversion from atheism to theism: There were two factors in particular that were decisive. One was my growing […]

How Do We Know Earth is 4.5 Billion Years Old?

Answers in Genesis, those evil people who recently opened a Creation Museum in Kentucky, have an article today on radiometric dating. Radiometric dating is they key piece of evidence supporting the contention that the earth is 4.5 billion years old. What is radiometric dating? The radioisotope dating clock starts when a rock cools. During the […]

‘Biblical Reality’ Based on False Assumptions

A new book called “Moses Didn’t Write About Creation!” by someone calling themselves Ephraim is getting some attention around the internet. It’s a new concept regarding origins called “Biblical Reality” and is defined as “the ordained marriage of Biblical Truth, and Scientific Reality.” However, I don’t think it’s deserved because not only is it incorrect, […]

Flood Cuts Off Britain from European Continent

From the LA Times, scientists now believe Britain was cut off from Europe by massive floods: Scientists using sonar to probe the floor of the English Channel have found that Britain was sliced from the European continent by massive prehistoric floods that cut it off from human migration for 120,000 years. The new research, published […]

Evolution and Assumptions Redux

Ken Blanchard at South Dakota Politics has replied to my post taking issue with assumptions passed off as facts by evolutionists. **Note that in this discussion I’m not trying to argue that creation is the correct theory, just that most evolutionists unquestioningly presuppose their position to be factual and refuse to approach the debate from […]

Evolution’s Case Built On Unproven Assumptions

By Bob EllisDakota Voice Ken Blanchard at the South Dakota Politics blog continues the ongoing blogosphere discussion of the merits of evolution theory by referring to a review by Jerry Coyne of Michael Behe’s new book, The Edge of Evolution. South Dakota Politics is one of my favorite blogs, but I have to disagree with […]

Poll: Less than One Percent of Christians Believe Evolution-Only Should be Taught

40% believe children should learn both creation and evolution HOUSTON, Texas, June 18, /Christian Newswire/ —, the world’s largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly pages loads recently conducted a poll asking participants to decide whether Creationism or Evolution should be taught to children in the classroom. Participants could also cast a vote in […]

Big Bang Violates Scientific Principles

Answers in Genesis, those diabolical, unscientific people use science to show why the Big Bang theory is unscientific. Read it all here…if you dare.

A Scientific Sponge Bath

The Robbinsdale Radical left a comment today regarding sponges and evolutionary theory. Genetic material for nerve synapses has been found in sponges, and of course this is believed to be evidence of evolution (just like evidence for global warming can be found whether it’s cold or hot or wet or dry or windy or calm, […]

Confusing the Children

From the Baptist Press, a piece from Russell D. Moore on his recent visit to the new Answers in Genesis Creation Museum in Kentucky: Inside the museum, I was asked by a reporter to respond to the Darwinist protesters’ charge that I was “confusing” my children by bringing them into a museum that presents a […]

Evolutionists in the Minority

Polls are of dubious value, and definitely aren’t a measure of truth, but they can indicate whether a perception is something commonly accepted or if it’s a minority or fringe view. While neither creationists nor evolutionists have proof of their claims, the arrogant assertion by some that belief in creationism is a fringe superstition ascribed […]

Hard to Accept What We Can’t Dismiss

GUEST COLUMN By Ralph Hatcher, M.D.Mr. Ellis’ piece on the opening of the Creation Museum this week is a well-stated indictment of the pro-Darwin scientists who find themselves tangled in their “just so” stories and dismissal of the mountain of evidence that is contrary to their pet theories. Their position is becoming less and les […]

Evolutionists Freak Out over Creation Museum

The religion of evolution is so entrenched for some that they get pretty wacky when you blaspheme against it, as the new Answers in Genesis Creation Museum is doing. From WJAC TV: Edwin Kagin, who participated in a protest outside the museum on this opening day, said teaching children that science supports the Bible rather […]

New Creation Museum in Canada

The house of cards that is evolution is slowly starting to crumble. Now comes the Big Valley Creation Science Museum in Alberta, Canada. From the Calgary Herald: Owner Harry Nibourg said in a press release that the museum provides compelling evidence for creation and refutes any unguided, “natural” processes such as evolution. He said the […]

Predictable Scientific Ostriches

Some of the other blogs in the South Dakota blogosphere have, predictably, expressed disagreement with the contention that the earth is only 6,000 to 10,000 years old. Because men who deny the existence of God and have letters after their names say it’s 4.5 billion years old, that has to be true. It apparently matters […]

Evolutionists Afraid Creation Museum Exposes Their Soft Underbelly

“Credible” creation presentation pierces armor of evolution “superiority” By Bob EllisDakota Voice From the Dickson Herald comes another article on the new Creation Museum opening up in Kentucky by Answers in Genesis, titled “Creation Museum worries scientists.” I think what they mean here is that it worries scientists who believe in the scientifically untenable theory […]

Going Uphill in a Downhill World

Babu Ranganathan’s latest piece at the Conservative Voice examines “entropy and evolution.” In it, he examines one of the reasons why evolution just isn’t viable from a scientific standpoint: The sequence of molecules in DNA (the genetic code) determines the sequence of molecules in proteins. Furthermore, without DNA there cannot be RNA, but without RNA […]

Dating Methods Unreliable

Answers In Genesis has a good piece on their website today dealing with the accuracy problems inherent in radiometric dating techniques. The piece is a response to some feedback received from a Christian chemical engineer who is apparently unaware of those dating problems, and unaware that “science” and “naturalism” are two different things. Here’s something […]

On Theistic Evolution

The Christian Post features an article on Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute at the National Institute of Health. Collins believes in God, which is good, but believes in theistic evolution, which basically means he believes that God used evolution as a mechanism for biological change to bring organisms from […]

Dinosaur DNA

From OneNewsNow, something interesting to ponder regarding the recent announcement that scientists have analyzed dinosaur DNA: Dr. Grady McMurtry, president of Creation Worldview Ministries, says the discovery offers proof for a young Earth. “Now first of all, let’s think about this. Most molecular biologists will tell you that DNA could not possibly exist for more […]

Huge Fossilized Rain Forest Found

A huge underground fossilized rain forest has been found in a coal mine in Illinois. From Yahoo News: “As you’re walking down these passageways you see these pillars of coal on either side of you and above you—imagine an artist’s canvas painted a flat grey and that is sort of what the grey shale above […]

BATS: Is Creation Science "Theocracy?"

Blogging Against Theocracy Silliness In “honor” of “Blogging Against Theocracy,” a.k.a. “Marginalizing Christianity on its Most Sacred Holiday”, a post on creation science, its scientific validity, and whether it constitutes an element of theocracy. I recently read an evolutionist who said that because all life on earth shares similar DNA, this is proof of evolution, […]

A Scientist Who Believes in God

Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, talks about his faith in God. He believes in theistic evolution (i.e. God created the universe, then set evolution in motion millions of years ago), and I disagree with him there, but this piece remains very instructive about how faith and science are not […]

Poll: Most People Believe in God

Despite the efforts of vocal secularists to paint the picture that belief in God is some wacky idea that only a few fringe people adhere to, a Newsweek poll finds differently: Nine in 10 (91 percent) of American adults say they believe in God and almost as many (87 percent) say they identify with a […]