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The Cosmos Erected Out of Harmonies

American Minute from William J. Federer An attack of smallpox when he was four-years-old left him with crippled hands and poor eyesight. Overcoming those handicaps, he studied Copernicus’ works and at age 23 became a professor of astronomy. His name was Johannes Kepler, born DECEMBER 27, 1571. His laws of planetary motion, known as Kepler’s […]

Evolution Theory Is Not Scientific

Calvin Smith has a good piece at Creation Ministries International on whether evolution theory measures up to the definition of “science” as defined by evolutionists themselves. So is evolution “scientific?” Smith made a short list of the elements of criteria laid out by the pro-evolution National Science Education Standards (NSES): 1-Observational data 2-Accurate predictions 3-Logical […]

Creation Museum Celebrates with Christmas Display

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Aaron J. LeichmanChristian Post ReporterMon, Dec. 15 2008 08:34 AM EST The controversial Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., has brought out its special Christmas display, which will run until Jan. 4. The centerpiece of the museum’s “Bethlehem’s Blessings” presentation is a live outdoor nativity scene featuring human […]

Evolution Disciples Force Break in Cooperation Between Zoo, Creation Museum

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Eric YoungChristian Post ReporterWed, Dec. 03 2008 09:24 AM ESTA high volume of complaints have forced the Cincinnati Zoo to pull out of a special business partnership with the Creation Museum in nearby Petersburg, Ky., after running for less than three days. The two institutions had come […]

In the Casino of Life, Evolutionists are Big Losers

An animated clip humorously showing the improbability of a single-celled organism forming by chance – well beyond the limits of what science considers possible – 1 in 10 to the 340,000,000th power – the fraction 1 divided by 1 followed by a mind-blowing 340 million zeros. The only logical conclusion is that an intelligence was […]

Louis Pasteur and Creation

American Minute from William J. Federer He developed vaccines for rabies and anthrax, revolutionized medicine with his germ theory of disease, and laid the foundation for the control of tuberculosis, cholera, diphtheria and tetanus. While Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at Lille University in France, he developed the process of “Pasteurization” of milk. This […]

Berlinski Answers the New Atheists

“The attack on traditional religious thought,” writes David Berlinski in The Devil’s Delusion, “marks the consolidation in our time of science as the single system of belief in which rational men and women might place their faith, and if not their faith, then certainly their devotion.” David Berlinski, mathematician and philosopher, skeptic and iconoclast, in […]

Scientists: Our Solar System is Pretty Special

The materialist/naturalist/evolutionist believes that the universe came into being through a random, spontaneous event, and that all that we see today came to be this way through billions of years filled with random, uncontrolled happenings. Somehow, in this modern faerie tale, this highly complex universe just happened to end up in this high state of […]

Creation: The Evidence of Physics

From the fantastic DVD ‘The Case for a Creator’ Part 1: Part 2:

Light a Candle to See the Sun

American Minute from William J. Federer The father of the American space program died JUNE 16, 1977. He developed the V-2 rocket for Germany before emigrating to the US, where in 1958, he launched America’s first satellite. He was director of NASA and the U.S. guided missile program. His name was Wernher von Braun. Founder […]

God of Wonders

During the Truth Project lesson yesterday on “Labor,” we examined the fact that work is not a “four letter word.” That God himself worked (i.e. the creation week) and he created us to labor. While work is often less enjoyable than it was meant to be because of the curse of sin, the fact remains […]

Notes on ‘Science: What is True?’

Lesson 5 of the Truth Project is on “Science: What is True.” It is a two-part lesson, the first of which I attended last week, and finished up the second part today. The first part of lesson 5 opens with an examination of God’s truth revealed in His creation. The wrath of God is being […]

Cellular Design–What Darwin Never Knew

Darwinism is a 19th century theory that was developed when the cell was thought to be nothing more than a tiny glob of gelatinous material. We now know just how complex, specialized, intricate and finely controlled cells really are. It is easy for evolutionists to speak of homologies such as the similarity of bony structures […]

Are Creationists Anti-Science?

Though I’m not sure it’s accomplishing much, I’ve been having an ongoing discussion with several evolutionists over the past couple of days concerning my post yesterday on “Creationism and Peer Review.” While my post yesterday deals primarily with the intellectual bigotry of the dominant scientific community (which believes religiously in evolution), and the circular logic […]

Creationism and Peer Review

Creation Ministries International has an article which addresses the frequent criticism of creation science that most of it doesn’t go through “peer review.” Andrew Kulikovsky examines the purpose of peer review, and why it is so difficult to gain peer-reviewed acceptance of creationist–especially young-earth creationist–research. He points out that peer review can result in a […]

The Gospel Depends on the Accuracy of Genesis

Answers with Ken Ham The doctrines upon which the Gospel of Jesus Christ rests (God’s design for humanity and the universe, the origin of evil, the origin of sin, man’s fallen state, etc.) depend on the accuracy of the book of Genesis. If Genesis is unreliable, so is the Gospel. Click here to listen From […]

Why All the Violence in Schools?

Answers with Ken Ham Click here to listen From

Why is There Suffering in the World?

Answers with Ken Ham Click here to listen From

How Could a Loving, Intelligent God Create a World of Suffering?

Answers with Ken Ham Click here to listen From

Language Barriers to Communicating Truth

Answers with Ken Ham Many Americans no longer speak the “Christian” language, so don’t understand concepts like sin and other Biblical doctrines. Click here to listenFrom

Some Evolutionists Agree with the Bible

Answers with Ken Ham Mitochondrial DNA evidence agreed with the Bible Click here to listenFrom

More Lessons from Scopes

Answers with Ken Ham Click here to listen. From

When is a Day Not a Day?

Answers with Ken Ham What’s in a day? When does “day” not mean “day?” Click here to listen From

Geological Evidence for the Genesis Flood

Answers in Genesis has an article today listing six “Geologic Evidences for the Genesis Flood,” for those who have a mind open-enough to seek the truth. They are: Evidence #1—Fossils of sea creatures high above sea level due to the ocean waters having flooded over the continents. Evidence #2—Rapid burial of plants and animals. Evidence […]

Anatomical Difference Helps Women Balance

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Scientists think they have figured out why pregnant women don’t lose their balance and topple over despite ever-growing weight up front. Evolution provided them with slight differences from men in their lower backs and hip joints, allowing them to adjust their center of gravity, new research shows. This elegant engineering is […]