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From Fox News’ transcript of Obama’s July 7 interview with Garrett, with the portions of Obama’s answer Hannity omitted in bold:

GARRETT: In your speech this morning, you said the Cold War reached its conclusion because of the actions of many nations over many years. Mr. President, are the Russian sensitivities so fragile that you can’t say the Cold War was won? The West won it? And it was led by a combination of Democratic and Republican American presidents?

OBAMA: Well, listen, the — I think that you just cut out Lech Walesa and the Poles. You just cut out Havel and the Czechs. There were a whole bunch of people throughout Eastern Europe who showed enormous courage.

And I think that it is very important in this part of the world to acknowledge the degree to which people struggled for their own freedom. I’m very proud of the traditions of Democratic and Republican presidents to lift the Iron Curtain.

But, you know, we don’t have to diminish other people in order to recognize our role in that history.

By: Name Thu, 11 Jun 2009 20:19:00 +0000 Y’ar all bunch of pathetic MORONS!

By: anon Sat, 06 Jun 2009 21:13:00 +0000 So this website is a farce right? Like The Onion?

By: Kevin T Mon, 25 May 2009 14:31:00 +0000 You’re an idiot.

By: Fred Jungclaus Sun, 19 Apr 2009 23:07:00 +0000 How really great it was to see your coverage of the Tax Protest in Indianapolis. I was there at the event and have to say it was the best event I ever attended at that location, far surpassing the address by Robert Kennedy in 1968 when I was a mere 26 years old. I was born in Indianapolis as was my daughter, Anne Coyner and and my now 40 year old son, Karl, who is a resident of Rapid City, SD with his wife Kari and sons Miles and Wyatt.
The atmosphere at the event was the best combination of the Fourth of July, the pre-race festivities of our Indianapolis 500 and the Colts Superbowl win celebrations. It was jubilant with smiles and optimism in abundance. I believe we all went away from this event feeling that there was a fresh wind stirring for responsible governance. Time will tell.
Of the many speakers regaling the Indianapolis crowd with images of optimism, patriotism, and the wonders of the free market system there was one whom you hopefully will be hearing many great thing in the near future. His name is Greg Garrison. He is an Indianapolis attorney of nationwide status and a has a statewide conservative talk radio show on WIBC 93.1 FM. You heard it here first.

Fred Jungclaus
Martinsville, Indiana

By: cho Fri, 17 Apr 2009 16:15:00 +0000 wow, what a messed up bunch of people. I’m proud Not to be conservative (Con) and not Christian. Reason will overcome.

By: Manny Dies Fri, 10 Apr 2009 17:45:00 +0000 Your diatribe about parental rights is a laugh. Don’t you know that Republicans are the ones who are taking away parents rights and that the children of the 1980’s are responsible for this? They want the government to take care of their children so they don’t have. Remember, it was under Newt Gingrich and his cronies that all those laws were enacted. Or maybe you just happen to miss that part.

By: Shirley Riggs Thu, 19 Mar 2009 03:48:00 +0000 Hello,
My name is Shirley RIggs and I am trying to reach Carrie Hutchens concerning a recent report she did on my story. Please forward my website address to her, as she can contact me there.
Thank you, Shirley Riggs

By: Wingnut Sun, 15 Mar 2009 12:22:00 +0000 Bob Ellis of Rapid City, huh? You look like you might be a pastor or other clergy-folk. Cool. I’m with ya… I suppose. 🙂 I have a different kind of Christianity, but its solid and can be counted-on in emergencies. I lived in Rapid City for a number of years… 1977-1985 era… stationed at Ellsworth. I also played in country bands in the area… and lots in Wyoming. For awhile, I even played with the famous Whiskey River band at Robbinsdale Lounge… you might even know Stringbean, Donnie, Bobby, Lori, whoever’s on bass. When I met them, they had been working Robbinsdale for 20 years, so they were mainstay, and might even still be so. I’m out of the BUSINESS of music these days, and I am an anti-capitalism activist (system fighter, not people fighter). I have a one-man organization here in Bessemer MI (formerly in Minneapolis) called MaStars – Mothers Against Stuff That Ain’t Right… and I’ve been writing against capitalism for about 15 years now. Lately, that system has shown signs that I’ve been making progress! haha. Want to see one of my gruesome anti-capitalism rants? I knew ya did! Here is comes…


You DO see the pyramid scheme symbol on the back of the USA one dollar bill, right? You DO see the servitude infestation in capitalism, right? And do you see the “pay up or lose your wellbeing” Chicago mob-like felony extortion widespread within capitalism? Do you see the “join or starve” felony extortion done to the 18 year olds… by this ugly competer’s church called capitalism? See how forcing competer’s religions onto 18 year olds… kills membership in the cooperator’s church (Christianity/socialism)?? Do you understand that AmWay (American Way) (New World Order) got “the exclusive” (legal tender) on the TYPE of survival coupons (money) accepted in supply depots (stores) and leverages 18 years olds into the organization via that felony activity as well? (It puts AmWay-coupon slaving requirements called price tags… on all the survival goods). Do you understand how farmyard pyramids work… from your childhood?? Remember?? Upper 1/3 are “heads in the clouds” while the kids on the bottom ALWAYS GET HURT from the weight of the world’s knees in their backs? Still with me? Do you see anything illegal, immoral, or just plain sick… in any of this pyramid scheme’s activities?

Us American Christian socialists are still patiently awaiting the natural fall of the pyramid-o-servitude, or the busting of the free marketeers felony… by the USA Dept of Justice. Us Christians are VERY CLOSE to issuing a cease and desist order until the servitude and inequality goes away… which means it turns into a commune. Commune is a word we LOVE when used in the word “community”… but its one the caps HATE when used in the term “commune-ism”. Go fig. PROGRAMMED!!

Do a Google IMAGE SEARCH for ‘pyramid of capitalist’ to see a full color picture made way back in 1911, when capitalism was first discovered to be a con/sham instigated by the Free Masons/Illuminati. Folks sure bought into the thing… hook, line, and sinker just the same. The caps didn’t even check if a string was attached! Now THAT’S easy fishing, eh?

Time to level the felony pyramid scheme called capitalism. Abolish economies and ownershipism worldwide, and hurry. Economies just cause rat-racing, and rat-racing causes felony pyramiding. BUST IT, America! Look to the USA military supply/survival system… (and the USA public library system) for socialism and morals done right. Equal, owner-less, money-less, bill-less, timecard-less, and concerned with growth of value-criteria OTHER THAN money-value. Quit doing monetary discrimination immediately, and make it illegal. There are MANY measurement criteria of “value”… not just dollars. Try morals, efficiency, discrimination-levels, repairability, etc etc. Economies are cancerous tumors, and to cheer for their growth… is just insane. Profiting causes inflation, so if caps LIKE inflation, and if they LIKE a terrible time in afterlife when they meet the planet’s ORIGINAL OWNER before caps tried to squat it all with ownershipism, then keep it up with the felony pyramiding. I dare you. While us Christians are finally bulldozing that pyramid scheme back to level, lets make servitude and “join or starve” (get a job or die) illegal in the USA, and lets level the architecture seen in USA courtrooms, too. Right now, USA courtrooms are church simulators or “fear chambers”, by special design. Sick.

Larry “Wingnut” Wendlandt
MaStars – Mothers Against Stuff That Ain’t Right
Bessemer MI USA

Gruesome, huh? Nuns with guns! 🙂 Okay, that’s too violent-sounding. Rulers with rulers. Better? 🙂

Okay, so, Bob, lets hear about you, and what you think about everything… and especially what you think about capitalism/pyramiding, and rat-racing, and runaway enjoyment addictions, and nation-unto-selving, and forsaking/neglecting World Health Org dead-of-wellbeing-rationing statistics, and all sorts of other stuff. Do you think its time for more Christians in high-government positions? Will true Cristians relinquish that “highness” because of the meek-shall-inherit thing and because they know all are equal and the only “highness” should be God? If Christians are too loving to command things, how will Christians lead? By example? I suppose, huh? Yeah, in general, I’m “up for” a substantial increase in the amount of Christianity in our (political) leadership roles. In fact, we could stand a bit more Christianity in our CHURCH leadership roles, too… me thinks. Keep following God and keep up the fine work with this blog. I’ll come visit when I can, and feel free to email me as well. Potlucks, barnraisings, communes, worldwide teams, and eating only “fallen” fruits/nuts/grains/animals… RULES!!!

By: Rodger Wenzlaff Fri, 27 Feb 2009 22:30:00 +0000 Mr Ellis,
you and traded emails a year ago or so. I work for “Spirit of the Plains Magazine.”
I am starting a web site , it’s brand new and not even close to completion.
I’ve been reading Dakota Voice for quite some time and am encouraged by your willingness to take a stand for the truth.
I have no intentions to take the “Yankton truth” site to your level. But felt a site was needed that may be found by anyone searching for information in the Yankton area.
My question, will you allow me to link to some of your news items as long as I give your site credit?
I will also be making a link page in which Dakota Voice will be one of the first ones listed.
Thank you for your consideration.
If you want to email me direct that would be good
God Bless

By: Robert Young Tue, 10 Feb 2009 15:22:00 +0000 Bob,

I was browsing through and came across your blog, Dawkins the Firebreathing Baptist. I have been searching for over a year now for some intellegent arguements for religion against naturalism/materialism. Evolutionary theory seems to be the lightning rod for these discussions.

I have read books by John F. Haught, Lee Strobel, David Marshall and others, and I have still not found a rational discussion between the two sides (I am even open to accepting that there may be other ways to finding the truth than rationality, but I would need some evidence for it).

What do you say to an intellegent mind that cannot see a place for the Christian God or any other God in the universe?

Thank you

Robert Young

By: Fey Sun, 25 Jan 2009 16:41:00 +0000 “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!’”