Tim Tebow Should Kill Dogs, Run Over People Like a Good Role Model

Tim Tebow Should Kill Dogs, Run Over People Like a Good Role Model

Even if you couldn’t care less about football (which comes close to how little it means to me), you would still have to be very insulated from the flow of American life to have missed the recent controversy over Christian football player Tim Tebow and his open display of his faith.

You may remember last year when a very mildly pro-life ad featuring Tebow and his mother had the pro-aborts foaming at the mouth. The hysteria from the guardians of pop-culture shallowness continues.

In a world where academia, the “mainstream” media and other elites have made it clear to the herd that religious beliefs have no place in the “real world,” it can be shocking to some to see a Christian who (duh!) takes his faith seriously enough to let it pervade every area of his life.

This clip of CBS sportscaster Gregg Doyel did a masterful job of putting this hysterical nonsense in perspective:

“If Tebow had more class he’d just kill dogs or get drunk and run over somebody and maybe end their life.”

He further says that many people don’t understand people like Tim Tebow and why anyone would want to live like that. He’s right: in a culture that has deliberately attempted to erase its Christian roots, many people are indeed out of touch with a mindset that takes matters of life and death and eternity seriously (stop and think about what I just said for a moment).

Doyel also alludes to another important truth and hypocrisy of pop culture when he said that rather than live a life of discipline, responsibility and moral uprightness, many people would rather embrace a hedonistic, self-centered and often self-destructive lifestyle.

The irony he exposes here is modern pop-culture’s knee-jerk habit of demanding tolerance and acceptance of every immoral and destructive behavior someone might want to engage in…while simultaneously mocking, ridiculing, vilifying and condemning anyone who chooses the high road of moral behavior.

We used to see this kind of upside-down hypocrisy sometimes in children..but the grownups usually came along and corrected it. Unfortunately, now it’s the grownups who are living it and teaching it to the next generation of children.

We’re cruising for a bruising when we take such a hypocritical, upside-down approach to life.  It’s so bad that even someone like Gregg Doyel, not known as a paragon of virtue, can see it clearly.

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  2. Tim Tebow is a human and will eventually stumble.  He’ll be heard exclaiming “Damn it!” after a bad throw.  Or he’ll get a parking ticket.  Or he’ll lose his temper and have an argument with an official.  Or he’ll invest in a business that is accused of fiscal malfeasance.  Whatever, you know it’s going to happen.  And when it does, Lord protect us.  The media will become apoplectic with indignation and ridicule.  They will be on him like white on rice and the torment will be unrelenting until Tebow renounces his faith and turns his life around.  It is only a matter of time.

  3. Sadly, you’re absolutely right, Dr. Theo. There was only one perfect human being who ever walked the earth…and the crucified him.

    People who care nothing whatsoever about trying to live right seek to justify themselves through the failures of imperfect people who try to do right and fail to be 100% successful in that. The hypocrisy is truly amazing.

  4. That was one of my first thoughts on the whole Tebow issue. The media/people who hate “perfect” people (those who attempt to live a godly life) like Mister Tebow will magnify any moral mistake he makes and say “See?! That guy is a total hypocrite!” and turn him into the lowest scum on earth. They may not even wait for Tebow himself to publicly slip up. They may find some rumor about him that casts him in a negative light and run with it.
    I’m still on my first read through of the bible, but I’m wondering if there are any quotes regarding people like the media watchdogs waiting for someone like Mister Tebow to slip up just so they can tear him apart and feel morally superior.

  5. Congratulations on your first journey through the Bible, John! I guarantee it’ll never get old or fail to turn up new nuggets of truth, no matter how many times you read through it.

    No passages like the one you asked about come to mind, though there might be some references in the Psalms that are in the neighborhood. David often wrote about how his enemies hunted and pursued him, looking for an opportunity to hurt him, but I can’t think of any closer than that to what we’re talking about.

    Can anyone else think of a Biblical reference describing this kind of eagerness to see someone fail?

  6. One of the most obvious confirmations of words said by Jesus is the way Christians get reacted to so often: hated without reason. It seems that almost any offense is more readily tolerated by the world than the offense of reminding people they’re accountable to a real, infinite Creator.

  7. The media “laps” up news about the athletes and coaches that molest, and still they find time to ridicule an upstanding young man who professes Christ.
    Soon, it will be old news, and the media will move on.

  8. I will honor Jesus Christ as my role model.

    Jesus would never promote a company named after the pagan goddess NIKE and dishonor God for money.

    Jesus suffered a horrible death on a cross and rose again to deliver people from Paganism.

    Anyone who promotes or wears NIKE will never be my role model! 

  9.  Check out the Psalms, John.  David repeatedly refers to those who try to trip him up and accuse him of malfeasance, to sully his character.   And they had a LOT of ammunition to use against the King of Israel.  But David had a stronger Advocate.

  10. Charles,
    The historical meaning of the brand’s name is lost to 99.9999% of Americans.  It’s just a popular brand.  The paganism of any historical reference is less than irrelevant.  Think of it as meat sacrificed to idols that Paul said was perfectly proper to eat when purchased in the market.  It has no significance to the true believer.

    There a plenty of other reasons to avoid Nike other than a historical reference to paganism.  It would be much wiser to focus on these salient points.