Ron Paul’s Parochialism

Ron Paul in Manchester, NH 2008 (Photo credit: Bbsrock)

The Daily Caller has a writeup and video/audio segment of Mark Steyn (who sometimes subs for Rush Limbaugh on his radio show) on Hugh Hewitt’s show talking about Ron Paul’s crazy statements and the new light they’re receiving.

Discussed is Ron Paul’s “trutherism” which claims the 911 terrorist attack which killed nearly 3,000 Americans was an “inside job.”

Steyn calls Paul’s stunted view of world politics “parochialism.”

Also briefly discussed are some old Ron Paul newsletters that have received fresh attention. These newsletters made some pretty wild statements that some believe have racist overtones. As I learned during the 2008 campaign,there’s simply no denying the fact that many of Ron Paul’s followers (often known as “Paulbots” for their mindless, automaton-like defense anytime anyone says anything critical of Paul) are anti-Semites who blame Jews for most of the world’s problems and would be rather happy to see the Jewish nation of Israel thrown to the wolves.

Ron Paul is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to finance and monetary policy, and with a tight leash, might do a fantastic job as Treasury Secretary in a Bachmann or Santorum Administration.

But trusting this guy with the defense of our country? Not for a second. I can’t decide which would be worse: our current president’s Apology Tour Foreign Policy, or Ron Paul’s Head-In-The-Sand Defense Posture.

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