Ron Paul: Bush Happy Over 911 Attack

Ron Paul is downright contemptuous.

One can admire, as I do, his dedication to the U.S. Constitution and the limited government it mandates.  But his craziness-manifest in advocating the legalization of poison for the American public and in his blame-America-first attitude toward foreign policy–just wipes all that out.

There are a lot of areas in which I disagreed with the Bush Administration, and a lot of things the administration did that as a conservative I opposed.

But to imply much less state outright, as Ron Paul has done, that the Bush Administration was behind the 911 terrorist attack that slaughtered nearly 3,000 Americans and that the Administration was “glee[ful]” about the attack goes beyond the pale.

The amount of history this radical libertarian-in-Republican-clothing has to ignore to reach his conclusions is mind-boggling. He sounds like he’d be far more at home in a group of flag-burning potheads than in a group of Republicans.

This dope-peddling, blame-America-first nut has no business getting anywhere near the Oval Office.

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