Progressive Label Rehabilitates the Same Old Liberal Poison

Progressive Label Rehabilitates the Same Old Liberal Poison

The Daily Caller has an interesting article entitled “‘Liberal’ unpopular, but newer ‘progressive’ label gets high marks in poll.”

The first thing I find interesting is that “progressive” isn’t really a “new” label. It’s one liberals have been trying for a number of years, though they may be right in that it could be increasing in favorability (as the education level of the average American diminishes, that is).

The article says that according to a new Pew poll,  “progressive” has 67% approval among Americans.  After all, why shouldn’t such a name receive great approval?  Who doesn’t like progress?  Who doesn’t want to move ahead and make progress.  Who doesn’t want to see innovative and exciting new things?

Interestingly, when we look at what a “progressive” really is–just a repackaged liberal–the picture is quite different. The label “liberal” gets only  a 39% approval rating and a 50% negative rating.

Is it clear now why liberals want to call themselves “progressives”?  Obviously, they recognize that most Americans reject liberalism for the corrosive, anti-American, self-destructive doctrine that it is.  So they have to “repackage” their poison with a better-sounding name to fool people into buying the same old rot.  Incidentally, “progressivism” is really a regressive ideology, one centered around the old-world regressive idea that elites can run your life better than you can, the pre-American idea that the average person doesn’t need and shouldn’t have too much freedom.

Is it clear now why, in the “mainstream” media, we never hear mention of “liberal” policies or “liberal” politicians.  There are no liberals, in their liberal minds.  In the minds of the “mainstream” media, there are only evil conservatives (which interestingly, still comes in at a very popular 62% despite decades of relentless and non-stop slander and demonization by the “mainstream” media and other elites), and “moderates” (another rehabilitative name for “liberal”).

As the buyer should beware, so should the voter.  Slick labels don’t always mean something good inside the packaging.  In the case of the “progressive” label, it’s the same old poison that is destroying the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

Stick with the conservative brand: the brand that stands for freedom, fairness, justice, and the American way.

2 Responses to “Progressive Label Rehabilitates the Same Old Liberal Poison”

  1. Nothing new-if the liberals ran for office giving the details of what they hope to accomplish, they wouldn’t stand a chance.  Unfortunately, the voting public contains too many(including many “Christians”) who either suffer from profound ignorance or an attention span shorter than a sneeze. 

  2. The Left has always used euphemistic titles to cover their real beliefs.  This was true of “liberal,” which socialists usurped in the early 20th century.  In its original meaning I would most certainly consider myself a liberal.

    “Classical liberalism is the philosophy committed to the ideal of limited government, constitutionalism, rule of law, due process, and liberty of individuals including freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and free markets.” (Wikipedia)

     You can see just how much the Left corrupted the meaning of the word liberal, just as they are now corrupting the meaning of progressive.