Michele Bachmann Smacks Media Deficit Propaganda

Michele Bachmann Smacks Media Deficit Propaganda

In an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, Michele Bachmann had to straighten out a “mainstream” media “journalist” when he tried to pretty up Barack Obama’s record of adding trillions to the national debt.

When Bachmann pointed out that deficits had exploded under Barack Obama and his Democrat congress, David Gregory had to rush to the aid of the Obamessiah. Bachmann wasn’t being the meek, compliant Republican she’s supposed to be, choosing instead to refute his lies.

The facts bear out her correction. This chart shows a massive increase in the debt after Barack Obama took office with a Democrat congress.

Heritage Foundation

Further, this chart to the left from the Heritage Foundation also illustrates the massive takeoff of deficit spending under Barack Obama’s watch.

Yes, we had a major economic setback that kicked in right before Obama took office, one created by the same liberal policies he and his fellow Democrats had been promoting for years. President Obama had a chance to do the responsible thing (ending the government meddling that caused the problem in the first place, getting the government and its unconstitutional grasping out of the free market, reducing taxation and regulation to stimulate economic recovery, and behaving in a fiscally responsible fashion). Instead, he and the Democrat congress chose the exact opposite: further meddling in the financial industry, further unconstitutional regulation of the free market, financial irresponsibility on an unprecedented scale, and an attempt to take over health care in America, the single largest segment of our economy (a move that would justifiably frighten the business sector away from making any moves to grow or expand).

This is the reality of most of the faux criticisms of Michele Bachmann from the “mainstream” media and pop culture. Though she has made some misstatements (like Barack Obama’s reference to the 57 states he’s visited, or the Navy “corpse men” he commended, or his celebration of Cinco de Quatro, or… ) most of the “evidence” that Michele Bachmann is “too dumb” to be president is contrived hype and propaganda from a “mainstream” media desperate to provide cover for their Marxist president.

Come on, Republicans. Quit allowing the “mainstream” media to pick your candidates for you. Stop allowing mindless pop-culture icons to tell you which candidates are “unqualified” to be president. Quit listening to the liberal GOP establishment feed you the lie that only a liberal Republican can beat a liberal Democrat.

It doesn’t matter what Leftists think. They’re never going to like Republicans anyway, as long as there are Democrats around.  It doesn’t matter if liberals won’t talk to you at parties and socials, or show you the bottom of their nose in public.  Liberals are never going to like Republicans or especially conservatives; the best you can hope for is a little faux friendliness to your face…while they mock and make fun of you behind your back. Don’t be a weenie who perpetually grovels at the feet of the Left, looking for their approval; what these small-minded people think just doesn’t matter. What matters is restoring fiscal sanity to our nation and getting it back on the course of freedom and limited government upon which it was founded.

The primary is almost upon us. Let’s quit listening to liberals who don’t care about the health and welfare of our country, much less the Republican agenda to attend to the same, and let’s get behind the candidate who has most consistently represented Republican values and the principles that have made the United States the greatest nation on earth.

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