Merry Christmas From a Non-Christian Head of State

Merry Christmas From a Non-Christian Head of State

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

What an amazing contrast to what I talked about earlier!

While in some parts of the world, those in power want to kill and eradicate Christians, here we see the Prime Minister of the Jewish state of Israel wishing Christians a Merry Christmas.

In this video clip, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu–the Jewish head of a Jewish nation–wishes the Christians in his country and around the world a Merry Christmas (something a few people find themselves unable to do here in the United States where we have a 200+ year old Christian heritage and where more than 80% of Americans still call themselves Christians).

Can you imagine any of the leaders of nations adhering to “the religion of peace” doing such a thing?  Of course not. The contrast between Judaism and Christianity on one hand, and Islam on the other, could not be greater, and is cast into crystal clarity by PM Netanyahu’s actions here.

Thank God for our friend, ally and partner in freedom Israel.  Though many in Israel may not recognize Yeshua as Messiah, I look forward to the day when Jews and Gentiles will join together en masse in celebrating the savior of the world.

Thank you for your kind words, Prime Minister Netanyahu.  Happy Hanukkah and shalom to you.

3 Responses to “Merry Christmas From a Non-Christian Head of State”

  1. This is merely a ploy. This is as sincere as Kim Jong Il was humane.

  2. Despise Jews much?