FRC GOP Presidential Voter Guide Released

The Family Research Council has released a 2012 presidential voter guide for the GOP candidates; you can see it here.

You will note that there are only two candidates out of seven who hold across-the-board Republican positions on these “values voter” issues.  That was not really a surprise, as it’s been pretty clear for several months now which candidates are the solid Republicans, which are playing at being a Republican…and which are just pretenders.

It’s interesting that this is clear on the voter guide, even though the guide gives several of these candidates the benefit of the doubt on many issues, going by their campaign trail statements versus their records–and records speak incredibly louder than words.

For instance, Rick Perry doesn’t do too badly based on his statements, and in truth he’s fairly good at representing Republican values. Still, it seems FRC couldn’t find anything to go on for the ENDA question.  And there’s that troubling matter of his softness on illegal immigration and his desire to force young girls to get immunized for an STD–issues not measured by this scorecard.

Then there are candidates like Mitt Romney. Mitt “RomneyCare” gets points for opposing taxpayer funding for abortion, even though his taxpayer-funded RomneyCare (the one that serves as a prototype for ObamaCare) plan covers abortions, and he has said in the past that he supports the Roe v. Wade decision which legalized by judicial fiat abortion in America.  He also gets points for saying he supports a federal amendment to protect marriage at the federal level from being counterfeited…even though he practically laid out the red carpet for the counterfeiting of marriage in Massachusetts. Can someone really be trusted to not do something at a federal level if he did it to his own people in his own state? Sure, pull my other leg now.

Isn’t it time we stopped allowing the “mainstream” media and the RINO GOP establishment pick our nominee for us?  Isn’t it time we stopped listening to the “mainstream” media and the RINO GOP establishment when they try to tell us that only the liberal “Republican” can win?

The choice is pretty clear.  If you want a real Republican to be our next president (and real Republicans will not be able to summon the energy necessary to elect a RINO), then we’re looking at either Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum.  Only these two have affirmed the Republican position and values on all the issues listed here, and only these two have a consistent record of supporting Republican values on almost all the issues facing our country today.

If you’re looking for just a milder version of the liberal rot that has put our country in the dangerous place we now find ourselves, you can pick one of the other candidates, though.

4 Responses to “FRC GOP Presidential Voter Guide Released”

  1. I have no problem whatsoever with positions held and values subscribed to by Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum.  I would give a slight edge on the question of electability to Rick Perry.  I would give a big edge to Rick Perry on the issue of the ability to lead/govern after election, now approaching 11 years of an administration that can be considered to be mostly a success.  Without considering experience and ability, we could be set up for 2 to 4 years of gridlock/status quo.

    If we wish to bring this country back from the brink, we don’t have the luxury of waiting.  Things need to start happening right away under a new administration.  IMO, House or Senate experience is not going to be the best experience to draw on.    

  2. I agree with you that executive experience is a strong plus.  You’re right about something else, too: we don’t have time to wait through 4 more years of Barack Obama…or even 4 years of RINO leadership like Romney or Gingrich would provide. This ship needs to turn 180 degrees NOW.

  3. Veldy,
    I, too, would like to see the two true conservatives rise to the top.  I have reservations about Perry, but would not hesitate to vote for him.  A strong Republican congress could make up for the shortfalls of Perry on issues like criminal invasion.

    Every single one of the other candidates is fatally flawed…. period!   Even Herman Cain, when he was in the race, made so many ambiguous statements, I developed serious doubts as to his fitness for the office and his conservative credentials.

  4. I’ve been checking out Rick Santorum and if he makes it to my primary state of Ohio will pull his level in the voting booth, BUT, by then it doesn’t look like he’ll be in it which is a real shame.  I’m hoping that Mitt Romney will choose him as his running mate at least and dispatch Obummer.