Don’t abandon the conservative message

Star Parker
Star Parker

Several new polls come as a jolt as they reflect the dismal state of mind of the American people.

As USA Today’s Susan Page sums up the latest USA Today/Gallup poll: the nation is “more downbeat, more dissatisfied with its political leadership and more concerned about the country’s direction than at almost any point in modern times.”

New Pew Research Center polling shows a whopping 67 percent saying that most members of Congress should not be re-elected. This compared to 51 percent saying this in October 2010 before the last congressional election.

President Barack Obama’s current approval rating in the low forties, very low for any president at this point in his term, along with the very sour national mood, should point to shaky re-election prospects for him.

But from what I see, there are serious reasons why Republicans should be worried.

One is lack of excitement Republicans feel toward their own leading candidates.

Gallup now shows a fairly even contest whether it is former Massachusetts’s Gov. Mitt Romney or former House Speaker Newt Gingrich matched against Obama. But it also shows most of the Obama votes are pro-Obama whereas most of the Romney and Gingrich votes are anti-Obama rather than pro-Romney or pro-Gingrich.

Other new polling data from Pew should deeply concern Republicans.

Seventy seven percent agree that there is “too much power in hands of a few rich people and large corporations.” And only 36 percent say that the country’s economic system “is generally fair to most Americans.”

When the economy is the number one issue of concern to the American people, and when the central issue regarding the economy is the extent to which government should play a role in it, this is not good news for those arguing for less government.

The central economic event of the last decade was the 2008 financial collapse.

Conservatives have made a solid case showing that the cause was government policies pushing lower lending standards to promote home ownership. This case was bolstered this week by a lawsuit filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission against top executives at government mortgage entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, claiming they concealed the large volumes of sub-prime mortgages they were acquiring.

But the message that government caused the economic collapse does not appear to be reaching the grass roots.

Obama has not backed off an inch in his pitch that the cause was inadequately regulated business. In his recent speech in Osawatomie, Kan., he went on about how “Banks and investors (were) allowed to keep packaging the risk and selling it off.”

Washington’s answer to the crisis reflects Obama’s take on things. The Dodd Frank Act enacted a major new regulatory regime on banks. Yet Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac remain standing, untouched, still sucking up taxpayer funds, and backing practically all new mortgages issued today.

It seems that Obama has captured public sentiment on this central and significant issue.

Some conclude this all means that Republicans must water down the conservative message and nominate a moderate.

But Americans crave answers, clarity and leadership. This call will not be answered by ambiguity.

Obama is no moderate. If Democrats can nominate a hard core liberal, why can’t Republicans offer a clear conservative alternative?

They can and must. But let’s remember basic salesmanship. If you’ve got the best product and its not selling, the problem is not the product but how it’s being sold.

The challenge in selling freedom only increases when times are hard and people become fearful.

The best salesperson is one who is totally sold on his product.

We need a conservative leader who unwaveringly believes that a return to freedom and moral clarity is what this nation needs. And one who can convey this conviction and convince worried, struggling Americans that conservative principles are the recipe for national revival and will make their lives better.

Star Parker is president of the Coalition on Urban Renewal & Education and author of the new book White Ghetto: How Middle Class America Reflects Inner City Decay. Prior to her involvement in social activism, Star Parker was a single welfare mother in Los Angeles, California. After receiving Christ, Star returned to college, received a BS degree in marketing and launched an urban Christian magazine.

6 Responses to “Don’t abandon the conservative message”

  1. You forgot a thing about the housing crises, it was less about the government pushing bad mortgages and more about how a financial entity could push a bad mortgage and then get it off it’s books by selling it off and lying about how safe it was. That used to be illegal, against regulations. But you know what happened to those don’t you? Yeah, getting rid of the red tape is such a great idea!

  2. The primary problem is in the pushing of those loans in the first place; if they didn’t exist, no other problems related to them wouldn’t exist either.

    It isn’t hard for one company buying loans from another to figure out whether the loans are good or not. The borrower’s income, down payment and other data aren’t hard to get, and the payment history and legal actions aren’t either.

    With Fannie and Freddie, however, they hid the extent of the risk from those charges with oversight because such oversight normally drill down to the detail one would look at in buying loans…and it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when one government agency is lying to another to CYA.

  3. That article is complete bunk. Without even addressing the fallacious content, two things should tip you off. One is that it comes from a liberal publication, and is written by a well-established liberal apologist for unconstitutional government meddling in the free market. The other is that this piece of propaganda was published long before a series of investigative reports were released which repeatedly pointed to government meddling as the cause of meltdown with Fannie and Freddie leading the way.

    I spent more than a decade in the finance industry, and have some knowledge of how easy it is for those purchasing loans to find out the state and risk of those loans…and also how easy it is for those charged with oversight to have the wool pulled over their eyes–especially when they don’t want to know the truth of what they’ve created in the first place.

    Since you seem to be, by your screen name, a Canadian enamored with socialism, I’ll point you to some more reliable information about how the free market works, and how this meltdown was caused by the Leftists who were in charge of our government at the time.

    There are a number of links embedded in the article I’m about to provide, and I suggest you read them all. Free market forces tend to prevent meltdowns, especially the kind we saw in 2008, where government meddling hinders those same market forces from making natural corrections and causes problems, especially the type we saw in 2008.

  4. Let me help you with this Bob. A GSE is a Government-sponsored enterprise:
    The market shifted away from regulated GSEs and radically toward Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) issued by unregulated private-label securitization conduits, typically operated by investment banks.
    As mortgage originators began to distribute more and more of their loans through private label MBS, GSEs lost the ability to monitor and control mortgage originators. Competition between the GSEs and private securitizers for loans further undermined GSEs power and strengthened mortgage originators. This contributed to a decline in underwriting standards and was a major cause of the financial crisis. In other words, the government run entities were victims of the private (capitalist) entities when they went nuts.

  5. Apparently there’s no helping you socialists. I laid out the information as clearly as is humanly possible, but you just ignore it and continue to blather the same old nonsense that helps you avoid reality.

    Not that I thought there was any helping you from the beginning.  Experience has taught me that socialists are very committed to ignoring facts, logic and reason in pursuit of their fantasies.  The fact that the federal government created Fannie and Freddie, filled them with their corrupt cronies, forced unconstitutional and counterproductive requirements on them and the private sector…all of these facts are inconvenient impediments to your hatred for freedom and the free market.

    Just so that you know, this website doesn’t exist to convince fence posts and Koolaid drinkers like yourself of the truth, but to educate and inform open-minded people who need the information the “mainstream” media refuses to give them.  So none of this was directed to you in the first place.

  6. Two words sum the whole thing up:
    “affordable housing”
    Defined: Housing for people who can’t or won’t pay for it