Celebrating Christmas Could Be a Death Sentence for Some

Celebrating Christmas Could Be a Death Sentence for Some

Despite several decades of war by secularists on Christianity and the celebration of Christmas, we still have it pretty good in America.

When you take a look around the world, at the high cost in some places of identifying with the name of Christ, we are extremely blessed here. In many countries, it can cost you your life to be recognized as a Christian.

Unfortunately, this injustice doesn’t seem to be a very high priority for our current president.  So it needs all the more to be a priority for we the American people.

So as we enter this Christmas season, let’s take the time to stop and think of those Christians in other parts of the world who are suffering simply for believing in Jesus Christ. Let’s give thanks for the freedom God has given us in America, and say a prayer for our brothers and sisters elsewhere who are being persecuted for their beliefs.

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  1. For a while at least…didn’t Obama suggest that the new terrorists are returning Veterans, Religious Right and Second Amendment supporters? He refrained from calling Al Qaeda terrorists but I guess I am….will us terrorits be allowed to practice our Dec 25th Holiday very much longer if his ilk continues in power?