Calgary Welcomes Occupiers, Arrests Christians

The war against God in the public square is not confined to the United States. It is being waged in most Western countries to silence and curtail the religious freedom of Christians.

Ironically, the freedom enjoyed in the West far and above the rest of the world is due to the Judeo-Christian worldview that influenced the development of the West for nearly 2,000 years.  But with the advent of modern secularism, many freedoms are being trampled underfoot in the name of “progress” and “diversity.”

Listen to this report about how Calgary’s Muslim mayor welcomed the Occupy Wall Street Marxists into city hall, but charged a Christian preacher with trespassing.

2 Responses to “Calgary Welcomes Occupiers, Arrests Christians”

  1. The war against Christ and His church has been going on for over 2000 years, waxing and waning at various times.  We are living in times when the church is increasingly hated and despised and history tells us it is likely to get much worse.  I pray every day for strength and perseverance, but I also know that this all brings us closer to the glorious day of Jesus’ return.

  2. If that is really true, it speaks very poorly of the people of his city. Yes, I know Canadians are more socialist and cherish freedom less than Americans. I’ve been to Canada a few times and know some Canadians. But because many of you embrace oppression and loathe freedom still doesn’t make it morally acceptable to oppress your fellow Canadians.