Stop Following the Herd

Chuck Colson

I have often talked about the sad and pathetic herd instinct which leads otherwise educated and rational human beings to parrot support for some of the most morally bankrupt and sometimes asinine ideas ever to come along.

One of the areas where this phenomenon (also known as “peer pressure” when you’re a child) is seen is with regard to the way homosexual activists and their “useful idiots” in the intelligentsia paint an immoral, unnatural and extremely dangerous sexual behavior as “normal, moral and healthy“…and frequently, when polled, people who should otherwise know better parrot what they have been told by the “experts” and the gods of pop culture. The same is often true of people who should otherwise realize that only a man and a woman are equipped and capable of forming a marriage.

Another area we see the herd instinct kick in is with regard to the hoax of anthropogenic global warming.  Any idiot can look up into the sky and see that the dominant influence on global temperatures is the flaming ball in the center of our solar system which burns at about 11,000 degrees.  Grade school children learn this.  Once you get past the conjecture, assumptions and “fudged” computer models, actual science points toward natural and cyclic climate change which goes back thousands of years. Fortunately, this is one area where the number of members in the heard is rapidly shrinking.

Still another is in the area of the study of origins, i.e. creationism and evolutionism.  Despite the fact that there is no physical evidence whatsoever that proves the hypothesis of evolution, despite the fact that the hypothesis of evolution is patently unscientific according to the framework of its own assumptions…despite this, many people feel compelled to tell pollsters they believe in this illogical hypothesis because they know what the “right answer” is when asked by a member of the intelligentsia.  Fortunately, this is another area people are seeing through the emperor’s clothes and are growing bold enough to say so.

I’m far from the only person who has noted this sad and vexing human behavior.  Chuck Colson talked about it in yesterday’s Breakpoint and Two Minute Warning (see the video below).

This natural desire we all have to be loved, respected and accepted can mislead us to accept false ideas, even parrot ideas we disagree with.  It can lead to what But it also can lead to what political scientist Elizabeth Newman, who wrote for a Nazi propaganda newspaper during World War II, called a dangerous “spiral of silence.” This spiral can lead us to be silent in the face of wrong, in the face of the oppression of others, in the face of evil itself.

Those who have an agenda of immorality understand this all too well: Frame the undesired opinion as an outlandish and minority opinion, even if it is wholly in the majority. They count on the herd instinct to motivate people to be drawn to their manufactured “majority opinion.”

Colson also cites the radical homosexual agenda, pointing out their scorched-earth techniques they use to demonize and destroy anyone who dares stand in their way–which also sends a message to others who might consider getting off the liberal plantation, that they’d better stick with the herd if they know what’s good for them.

Imagine how much better our world would be if people would simply think for themselves and refuse to be led along by the nose by someone else because that other person (a) has a bunch of letters after their name, (b) wears a white coat, (c) is an “expert,” (d) is a pop culture icon, or (e) otherwise someone they want to life them and think they’re smart.  Sometimes these people might be right…but many times, they just have an agenda and want you onboard with it.

It’s never too late to start.

3 Responses to “Stop Following the Herd”

  1. People usually have great fear of going against the herd — of being thought foolish because of taking an unpopular position. This fear is greatly exploited by those whose positions cannot be legitimately furthered by reason and evidence. The pushes to accept homosexuality, AGW and evolutionism (among other things) are ultimately accomplished by pressure and emotional appeals, not by rationality.

    The concept of “thinking for oneself” supposedly belongs to the “rational secularists,” but it really belongs to God — and his followers who are willing to appear foolish rather than actually *be* foolish.