OWS Weekend Update on the Chaos

If the Marxists in the Occupy Wall Street movement can behave for 12 hours or so, maybe we can do one update for all of today of their childish, anti-American, fascist, disgusting behavior.

Lets give it a try.

In the first video below, you’ll hear about the 200 pounds of feces a HAZMAT team was called in to haul away, near the Occupy Santa Cruz UCC (Urban Camping Commune, pronounced “Yuck”). Expect to find 200 pounds of feces at a Tea Party event? Nah.

In the second video below, we see spoiled children from the Occupy Portland UCC swarm Standard Insurance, Wells Fargo and other private businesses to spew their angst against their fellow Americans. Interestingly, it seems these “people” may not have considered who is responsible for the things they claim to hate. If they are upset that banks and other financial institutions were bailed out at the taxpayer’s expense, they would be joining the Tea Party in this disagreement–but they should stop and use the brains God gave them and recall that it was government who misused taxpayer funds. Who is responsible for guarding the taxpayer’s interest? Is it private businesses? No, it is our elected representatives who are charged with this duty, and it was they who ignored the Constitution to bail out failure. Wouldn’t it be nice if these idiots could put their collective brain cells together long enough to produce one logical thought, and then march on Washington D.C. to focus their rage where it properly belongs?

In the third video below, be warned of the usual FOUL LANGUAGE, plus some NEAR-NUDITY toward the beginning of the reel. You’ll also be treated to some of the usual lies about police officers bashing innocent, peace-loving Marxists, as well as their infantile taunting of police officers who are trying to maintain some semblance of order.  Notice also the bloodied protester in the third video who undoubtedly did something completely asinine and got himself hurt.  Notice how, after he notices the camera on him, he adopts a look of anguish and pain that was not there a moment before. Uh huh.  He’ s apparently a graduate of the Marxism School of Public Relations and Sympathy Garnering.

Oh, and the one gal screaming about a police state?  If she really wants to see a police state, she should visit one of the few remaining Marxist nations of the world.  She’ll get a good dose of what a real police state is.  Somehow, I don’t imagine she’d like Marxism nearly as well living under it as she does pining for it.

Keep these images an more in mind when you think about getting involved in the 2012 election campaign, and remember them well when you step in the voting booth in 2012.

200 Pounds of Feces

Marxists Swarm, Disrupt Private Businesses

Occupy Wall Street Chaos

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