Occupationist Professor: Govt Should Seize All Housing

You really have to love these Marxist occupationists.

To heck with the U.S. Constitution. To heck with property rights. To heck with the Ten Commandments (“You shall not steal”).  To heck with any sort of morality.  To heck with any sort of freedom.

Just have the government seize all housing and “redistribute” it.

Northwestern Professor Mary Patillo tells Occupy Chicago this is a good idea.  After all it’s one of many “collective opportunities” (or did she mean “collectivist opportunities”?).

We also find out in this clip that one of the most free and “progressive” nations on Earth, Cuba, may “allow” citizens to actually sell their own homes.  Imagine that: being able to do as you please with your own property?  Why burden the Cuban people with such freedom?  That might only leave them oppressed like we are here in the dark chamber of horrors known as the United States.

Patillo says we need to move “forward” to the point where “housing is a right.”  Well, gee, I thought we already had a right to purchase, lease or rent housing as it is.  I’ve never had the slightest problem doing any of these over the 25 years or so of my adult independence, and I don’t know of anyone who has for that matter.  Is she living in some alternate universe version of the United States?

She laments that no such right is articulated in the U.S. Constitution.  Hmmm.  According to the Tenth Amendment, any authority not specifically granted to the federal government is retained by the states and the people.  And our Bill of Rights essentially only articulates rights where historically government has trampled on those rights.  For instance, the right to be secure in your own property, which was a right that the British government trampled on during colonial times.  But actually, Patillo now wants to throw that specifically articulated right out the window and replace it with giving the government authority to seize your property and give it to someone else.

How “progressive”!

If only we in the United States could get with the program and move up to the more advanced United Nations–you know, the organization that has bastions of freedom like Libya, Syria, and China on the UN Human Rights Commission.

Uh huh.

This is the vision for America that the Left has for all of us, my fellow Americans.  Watch this video below. Then watch it again.

Remember this next year as you think about who to support in the 2012 elections, and keep it firmly fixed in your mind when you go into the voting booth in 2012.

2 Responses to “Occupationist Professor: Govt Should Seize All Housing”

  1. If this person is an actual Northwestern Assistant, Associate, or full Professor, she is earning well over $100,000 a year, in a job with lifetime tenure and lucrative benefits, to infect and mislead the unsuspecting students of Northwestern.  This is the real tragedy. 
    The Marxist left well understands that control of education means control of the future.  What are conservatives doing to combat this Fabian corruption of our youth and future?   A good start would be parents refusing to pay for their children to attend any school that doesn’t demonstrate diversity in professorial political orientation.  This would immediately put the Ivy League almost out of business.  I have employed two Harvard honors graduates, and two Yale honors graduates.  All no longer work for me because they all, sterling educational qualifications notwithstanding, were dumb as a box of rocks and arrogant to boot.

  2. I’m not surprised about your hiring experiences. Sadly, it seems that in too many cases, the more the education, the more stupid people are, these days. But when you’re being fed propaganda and discouraged from thinking, what can we expect?

    As for this professor, I’m sure she feels bad about her $100K salary….all the way to the bank.