Marxist Believes Everything Springs Ready-Made From the Earth

Another braintrust from the BoWeL Movement (aka Occupy Wall Street) heard from.

This idiot in a what looks like a sports shirt (where people get paid millions of dollars for chasing a ball around, but he doesn’t seem to have a problem with those millions) says he doesn’t need to have a job to support himself.  He believes he can just take what he needs “from the earth” (or, to quote accurately, “from the erf”).  He also seems to believe that people can just “grow our own ******* food,” as well as “shoot our own ****** animals…build our own ****** houses

He might just need some help from some of those evil free market corporations to build trackers to grow his own food, or at the very least, hoes and other implements to plant and cultivate that food. He will probably need some help from an evil free market corporation to manufacture the guns and bullets necessary to shoot his own animals.  He might even need some help from an evil free market logger or lumber yard or nail manufacturer or tool manufacturer or any of the myriad of things that would go into building a modern house.

But none of that is really important. Why allow reality to get in the way of a good Marxist fantasy?  Just “take it from the erf.”

He’s pretty free with the ethnic epithets, too, which is pretty common in the occupationist movement.

As always with these Marxists from the occupationist BoWel Movement, remember the LANGUAGE WARNING and don’t play this enlightened treatise in front of children.

2 Responses to “Marxist Believes Everything Springs Ready-Made From the Earth”

  1. What does he have to do with Marxism, again? And certianly, there are plenty of idiots on this planet: do you think that you’ve made a major discovery?

  2. Experience has taught me that if the information provided here doesn’t already bring you to water, there is nothing more I can do to help you get a drink