ClimateGate the Sequel: More Proof of the Scam

Remember ClimateGate a couple of years ago?  It was the scandal when a bunch of emails, computer code and documents from the “scientific” community were released to the public, and we obtained our first real proof that the scientific community was deliberately trying to pull the wool over our eyes about the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming.

Well, another set of emails has been made public, and they serve to further annihilate what credibility the “scientific” community had left when it decided to sacrifice integrity on the altar of a political agenda.

From James Taylor in Forbes:

Three themes are emerging from the newly released emails: (1) prominent scientists central to the global warming debate are taking measures to conceal rather than disseminate underlying data and discussions; (2) these scientists view global warming as a political “cause” rather than a balanced scientific inquiry and (3) many of these scientists frankly admit to each other that much of the science is weak and dependent on deliberate manipulation of facts and data.

Regarding scientific transparency, a defining characteristic of science is the open sharing of scientific data, theories and procedures so that independent parties, and especially skeptics of a particular theory or hypothesis, can replicate and validate asserted experiments or observations. Emails between Climategate scientists, however, show a concerted effort to hide rather than disseminate underlying evidence and procedures.

Taylor provides several excerpts from the newly released emails including:

“Any work we have done in the past is done on the back of the research grants we get – and has to be well hidden,” Jones writes in another newly released email. “I’ve discussed this with the main funder (U.S. Dept of Energy) in the past and they are happy about not releasing the original station data.”

Yes, as I’ve often said, people within our own government (who ostensibly should be representing the taxpayer’s interest and working for the taxpayer) are in on the scam, and are deliberately seeking to fleece the American people.

The emails also reveal that some within the scientific community are fully aware that the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming is not “science” put political spin…but apparently those who are aware are reticent to speak up to the public or are being silenced through intimidation, collegiality, or some other factor:

“Observations do not show rising temperatures throughout the tropical troposphere unless you accept one single study and approach and discount a wealth of others. This is just downright dangerous. We need to communicate the uncertainty and be honest. Phil, hopefully we can find time to discuss these further if necessary,” writes Peter Thorne of the UK Met Office.

“I also think the science is being manipulated to put a political spin on it which for all our sakes might not be too clever in the long run,” Thorne adds.

No wonder the number of people who believe this silly idea grows smaller all the time. It always was a pretty incredible (and I mean that literally) idea, and as real science (not spin, not conjecture, not “fudged” computer model predictions, not puffed up data, but actual science) continues to come in, it becomes more and more clear that the hysteria surrounding the idea of anthropogenic global warming is just a hoax being pushed by Marxists as a vehicle to separate people from their property and their freedom.

No, the actual science is clear that the climate of our planet changes naturally over time, and has done so in greater extremes than today in a cyclic fashion for thousands of years.

The day is rapidly approaching when the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming will join a “flat earth,” “bleeding,” “geocentrism” and a host of other flawed ideas on the ash heap of history.  And those who dogmatically insisted this bunk was real–even after the contradicting science was made clear–will go down in history as either some of the most naive and foolish people who have ever lived, or as some of the most desperately duplicitous people who have ever lived…or both.

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