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‘Occupy Indianapolis’ and the SEIU

'Occupy Indianapolis' and the SEIU

Drudge has a link to a Fox News story about Occupy Indianapolis organizers resorting to recruiting local homeless folks to maintain a presence on the state capital grounds. In viewing the video I recognized a familiar face; a middle-aged, gray-bearded demonstrator carrying an “Occupy” sign hooded in a rain slicker, but still recognizable. I knew […]

Give thanks for American exceptionalism

Give thanks for American exceptionalism

According to a recent report comparing attitudes in Europe and America, only 49 percent of Americans now feel that American culture is superior to others. This is down from 60 percent in 2002. What the study does not examine is what we mean by culture. Culture is about the prevailing core attitudes of a society. And, when we look further into this same study, we find that American attitudes are distinctly different from their European counterparts and that these attitudes very much reflect what is uniquely American.