What If They Got What They Wanted?

Even Those That Rule Over Mayhem Rule In Luxury

By Dwight Kehoe

Many hard-working Americans wonder why Obama and the other Marxist politicians not only support but also encourage the anti-Semitic, anti-capitalist scoundrels that are defiling our cities.

Could this be a part of the Cloward and Piven plan to destroy America and ‘fundamentally change’ it?

If the hippies, leftists, un-informed, un-employable, un-washed, immoral, foul-mouthed, jealous, lazy, and envious “Occupy” miscreant bigots have their demands met, who or what would benefit?

The following is a scenario built around the excessive and outrageous demands being put forth and supported by Obama and his ilk.  While no one believes that Obama would implement things so drastic, one needs to ask why does he support the people that do?


Outrageous? Maybe and maybe not.

November. 2011
As a result of the continuing massive demonstrations, major cities across the country, having exhausted their already strained budgets, trying to keep businesses open and city services active, cries from elected officials demanded President Obama do something.

January. 2012

After consulting with Van Jones, Rep. Jessie Jackson Jr. and Francis Fox Piven, by Executive Order, Obama (feigning reluctance) acquiesced to the demands of the protesters and decreed the following, with implementation to begin immediately:

1.   All loans for education, business and home mortgages were to be forgiven and all future loans would be interest free and non-repayable.
2.   Corporations  would be taxed at 90%.
3.   Individuals making $1 million or more would be taxed at 90% with an exception to Hollywood leftists and Marxist Professors whose tax rate will be 15%.
4.   Individuals making $250 thousand would be taxed at 75%.
5.   Capital gains would be taxed at 90%.
6.   Speculators would be jailed if they sold commodities for more than 2% profit and taxed 90% on all profit.
7.   Carbon taxes would be raised for all power plants, industrial buildings and airlines.
8.   Exploration of oil, gas or coal would be outlawed and nuclear plants decommissioned.
9.   Solar industries will be given unlimited monetary resources from the Federal Government.
10. Health Insurance providers must provide unlimited coverage to anyone for any condition with no cost to the insured.
11. Universities could continue to double tuition fees every year.

Phase I 
February. 2012

Wall Street

Investors began selling equities and liquidating to cash.
DOW Jones began receiving 1000 sell orders for every buy order.
Stock exchange automatically shut down and trading halted as the market plunged 3 thousand points.
Mutual Funds tanked and IRA’s and 401K’s became worthless.
Investment firms from NY to California  laid off advisers, IT people, webmasters and shutdown branch offices.

Financial Industry
Banks and mortgage companies canceled all loan applications and ordered that no new loan applications would be considered.
The loan departments and billing sections closed and loan officers, accountants, tellers and secretaries were laid off.
Branches across the country closed and filed for bankruptcy and small savings and checking accounts were lost.

March. 2012

All futures were called and liquidated and short orders could no longer be purchased.
Commodities from ranches, agriculture, energy and mining sat idle with no buyers or sellers willing to take the chance on loss verses profit.
The few oil wells and refineries in operation ceased production, crops rotted in the fields, meat and poultry spoiled and decayed.
Farms, ranches, refineries, oil companies shut down operations and fired the field workers, laborers, managers and mechanics.
Large and small equipment manufacturers lost orders and received no new purchase orders and as a result closed plants across the not so fruited plain, costing thousands of jobs.

May. 2012


Large businesses began slowing up productivity as demand for their products melted away and tax payments were made to the IRS.  New projects and construction were halted as promised loans were no longer available. Employees, from janitors to low-level executives were either fired or their working hours drastically reduced.
Small businesses also feeling the tax crunch as well as being unable to get materials and goods from the larger companies saw contracts canceled, orders reduced and employee roles reduced.

June. 2012


The cost of fuel and oil skyrocketed as a result of regulation, taxes and plant closings.  The few businesses that manged to remain open now found it impossible to meet the cost of shipping, and they too began closing and putting yet more people out of work.
Mechanics, drivers, pilots no longer had cargo to deliver and therefore were added to the ranks of the unemployed.

July. 2012

Health Care Industry

Private health care insurance companies, failing to have the funds required to make payments, canceled policies and shut their doors.

Phase II

September. 2012

After an initial surge in revenue, resulting from the new tax rates, the economy began to crumble and collapse, cash flow to the government trickled to near nothing.
Millions of unemployed and welfare recipients were added to the roles and the Fed printed money at a rate  faster than anytime in history.
As the un-backed US dollar continued to flood the market and inflation compounded month after month, China and other world governments removed it from trading and declared the US in default.

November. 2012

With almost no one working, the dollar not worth much more than tissue paper, super market shelves empty, stores and buildings closed, police and emergency services non-existent, gangs running rampant and unimpeded, people starving and scavenging, President Obama, by Executive Order, creates a Personal Guard from those in the Military that are willing to support him, declares himself President for life then heads off for golf in Aruba.

Dwight Kehoe is a long-time business owner in the construction industry.  He is a great American who became a leader with the Bayshore Tea Party, and started the Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub (TPATH) to help Tea Party groups stay informed and connected. 

4 Responses to “What If They Got What They Wanted?”

  1. “…no one believes Obama would implement things so drastic…”

    I have never put anything past the junior dictator in the White House.

    And, with the deep-seated delusion that these Occupupy kids are under, Obama has his useful idiot “army.”  Here is just one example of what we’re dealing with: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/pj-gladnick/2011/10/15/nyt-poster-boy-ows-protests-reveals-self-bizarre-drama-queen

  2. There are already reports from Rome that violent gangs of protesters are smashing business storefront windows, torching cars, and attacking police.  And this criminal, anarchist activity is being lauded by the nihilists here in the U.S.  What else WON’T they do, I ask?  If wonton anarchy is acceptable to them NOW, why wouldn’t any version of this scenario be plausible?

  3. After watching your linked video, all I can say is, Oh, Brother!!!  What lobotomized zombies.

  4. Indeed, Spouse! 

    I guess I should’ve issued a language warning for the video, but the Newsbusters transcript was warning enough, I suppose.