Occupy Empty Heads

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Gina Miller

We continue to watch the senseless, misguided and mostly young people in New York and other major cities waging their ignorant protests against our capitalist system—the very system that has given them their comfortable lives. I suppose these Occupy Wall Streeters are hoping to mimic the success of the Tea Party movement, but that will never happen. The Tea Party movement is a real, grass roots movement with a clear message grounded in truth, but the Occupy movement is nothing of the sort. We have also seen that—as usual with the Left—there are people who are being paid to protest.

What we have with the Occupy punks are a bunch of spoiled brats who literally want to bite the hand that feeds them. Although the majority of the protesters appear to be young, there are a number of older ones participating, too, and that is amazing to me. My grandmother used to say that there’s no fool like and old fool. I know what she meant.

What is their message? The answer depends on who you ask. There is no coherent message other than their apparent unwarranted hatred for bankers and common catch terms and phrases like “corporate greed” and “tax the rich.” Marxist class envy is at the top of the menu. Apparently these losers do not see the irony in their denouncing so-called corporate greed while they themselves display greedy covetousness toward other people’s money.

They apparently have a list of demands which reads like something a stupid child would draft. The demands are nowhere near the realm of rationality, and no answer is given as to how their foolish wants would be funded, because “tax the rich” would not come anywhere near cutting the mustard—even if all the wealth of the “rich” were confiscated!

Dr. Theo, in a column he wrote for Dakota Voice, listed some of the demands that were posted on an Occupy Wall Street website. In part, the list includes demands for a twenty-dollar-per-hour minimum wage, a living wage regardless of employment, socialized medicine with the abolition of private health insurance, free college education, open borders migration, and trillions of dollars of taxpayer money being immediately spent on infrastructure and the environment.

These mindless automatons do not seem to understand that these utopian demands are impossible to achieve in the real world. Neither are they good things, even though piggish human nature tends toward believing it is good to get what you have not earned. These people have been sorely miseducated in our government-run public schools to believe that socialism is the answer to our woes. They do not understand that socialism will lead to a country’s collapse. It is too bad that they choose to occupy Wall Street instead of occupying their own minds.

In the past several days, Republican presidential candidate—and my very favorite—Herman Cain has had some strong and correct words for the idiots waging these moronic protests. He has said that if those people are unhappy with their situation in life, they have only themselves to blame. Amen!

From Zuccotti Park, Sept. 30, 2011 (Photo credit: David Shankbone)

In his Sunday column published at WorldNetDaily Mr. Cain wrote,

“One of the most important things an individual must master is the understanding of how one accesses opportunity. Even in a poor economy made worse by absurd government economic policies, this is still America and there are still many opportunities. There should be far more, but there are many.

The person whose strategy is to wave a protest sign and complain about the success of others is not going to be successful at accessing that opportunity. Even at the times in my life when I struggled, I did not embrace the delusion that I lacked what I wanted because someone else had too much. I recognized that a person with wealth was the very person who could offer me an opportunity.

But I learned as I progressed in my career that you’re not going to get an opportunity just because you need it, or think you’re entitled to it. You’re going to get an opportunity because there’s something you can offer that person of wealth, or that big capitalist corporation, that makes it a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties. Maybe there’s a skill or knowledge you can offer that person or organization, which will make them more profitable, and make their investment in you a wise one for them. But before you can even try to access opportunity in this way – which is to say, the right way – you have to understand how and why people earn wealth.

The people protesting on Wall Street this week give no indication that they understand this. They don’t understand that investors and corporations have to put capital at risk, work hard, make good decisions and bring products and services to market that people consider worth their money to buy. They don’t understand that you don’t earn until you first effectively serve.

When I say they should blame themselves for their status, they may not realize it, but I’m really putting the power in their hands. You can wave signs and make demands, but there’s no reason anyone will want to give you an opportunity if that’s all you do – especially when the message you send to those who could give you an opportunity is that you resent them.”

I love Herman Cain! I know that the more Americans see of him the more they will like him, too. He is a wise thinker and straight talker, and he is not afraid to tell it like it is to those idiots protesting what they do not even understand.

CNS News reported on Mr. Cain’s appearance at a book signing inSt. Petersburg,Florida last week. During that event, Mr. Cain again addressed the issue of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

“Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on Wednesday called the Occupy Wall Street protesters anti-American and anti-capitalistic.

‘Don’t be jealous, don’t be envious,’ Cain said as he signed copies of his memoir. ‘I don’t have much patience for someone who does not want to achieve their American dream the old-fashioned way.’

… When asked about the thousands of people that have been protesting in lower Manhattan, Cain said, ‘They’re basically saying that somehow the government is supposed to take from those that have succeeded and give to those who want to protest. He added: ‘That’s not the way America was built.’

Cain said people should instead protest the White House and President Barack Obama because the president has not created jobs. Bankers and others on Wall Street have created jobs, he said.

‘They’re protesting in the wrong place,’ Cain said. ‘I’m not sure I know why they’re there. If they’re there because they are jealous of Wall Street and bankers and people who have succeeded, then they’re there for the wrong reasons. This country is based on people who achieve their dreams and work.’

He added that the protesters ‘should go figure out what America is all about.'”

There is a foundational point. The kids do not know what America is all about. They have been taught Marxist class warfare and envy of those who have more than they do. They have been infested with an entitlement mentality that results in self-deceptive thinking. They are deceived if they believe that they are owed something for nothing. They are deceived if they believe that those who have been successful in their lives have taken money away from those who have not been successful.

In fact, these Occupy protesters are horribly soft targets for the rational majority of our country. It is quite easy to shred their stupid arguments, because their arguments are mostly void of truth and rationality. Their whole purpose would be laughable if not for the seriousness of the fact that this kind of ignorant thinking really does passionately infect people in our great nation. Here is a monumental task: the undoing of this sort of deranged thinking. That may be quite impossible.

We may never be able to make these people see the error of their thinking and to understand that what has made America great has nothing to do with socialistic, central-planning government and redistribution of wealth. Many of our nation’s problems have been caused by the very ideas they support. Socialism and communism are destructive, even deadly, forces, as history has repeatedly shown us. That anyone still believes he can make those bankrupt systems work is senseless, and to see these people making ridiculous scenes in support of their deranged beliefs is profoundly disturbing.

This Occupy movement is a creation of the communist Left. Despite its disjointed, delusional messages, it is well-organized and already has its own public relations firm, slogan (I am the 99 percent), and the backing of George Soros’ money. In fact, as reported by the Blaze, The Working Family Party, the SEIU, ACORN, The New Party, The Democratic National Committee, Democratic Socialists of America, the Tides Foundation, George Soros and The Obama Administration are all connected to the creation of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The ultimate goal of these communist leftists is to kill our capitalist system and traditional American way of life, to eliminate the middle class, leaving only the powerless poor and the powerful rich. The punk protesters lying in the streets do not know that they are demanding their very own undoing, but the evil wretches in leftist positions of power certainly know the outcome if their plans prevail. The destruction of the United States of America as we know it is their diabolical goal, and we must do all we can to defeat them. They must not be allowed to succeed.

Gina Miller, a native of Texas, is a radio commentator. She also works with her husband installing and repairing residential irrigation systems and doing landscaping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

15 Responses to “Occupy Empty Heads”

  1. There will always be malevolent creeps like George Soros and the wackos on the left. But it’s ignorance that feeds support of Occupy Wall Street. The only way we can defeat ignorance is to continue speaking the truth and exposing the lie, as Gina has done here. Like the false prophets whose lies were compared to poorly constructed walls — whitewashed to look good on the outside — the works of Occupy Wall Street are destined to collapse into a pile of rubble. If you are a young idealist caught up in this whirlwind, know this: The truth will eventually prevail, so don’t be satisfied with anything less. Pursue truth and you will find it.           

  2. Herman Cain says these people are flat out jealous of anyone holding stocks. It’s a useless movement for us and them.
    If I must, I’ll write Herman Cain in on the ballot! He is the man! 
    Everyone needs to listen to him talk about himself and his Dad. His Dad had three jobs so he could support his family. So, Herman was not raised to be jealous of the rich. He was taught that he could be rich if he applied himself. And that he did. He’s a good level headed business man.
    Great article, Gina. God Bless you and Dakota Voice.

  3. Thanks for being a regular reader and commenter. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated!

  4. Amen, Mr. Day!

  5. Thank you, Judy.  Your support means so much to us.

  6. Getting money out of politics and stopping bribery/contributions so officials would start voting in the interests of the people they represent would be a good start and maybe even be enough. 

  7. The best way to get excessive money out of politics is not to curtail freedom and property rights, but to reduce the size and scope of government to its constitutional limits.

    If our federal government was operating within the limits set by the U.S. Constitution in Article 1 Section 8, there would be little influence to be bought that would be of value to those with great wealth. As James Madison said in Federalist No. 45, the federal government’s power is very limited internally, with most of its authority to “be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce.”

    We need to get back to obeying our Constitution and holding government officials accountable for adhering to it, not looking for ways to control and limit what people do with their own property.

  8. You are absolutely right. What the “Occupy” mentality fails to grasp is that our founding fathers anticipated problems such as buying and peddling influence. That’s why they crafted the Constitution the way they did, and if we returned to that original intent, most of these problems would be cut down to a manageable size. 

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  13. Bob, I never put any odd thing past my own computer.  It does have a “mind” of its own!