Marxism on the Football Field

Demias Jimerson

While we’ve been seeing Marxism in the job market (forced unionism), in the tax code (sticking it to successful earners), in the public dialog (class envy), and even the education system (racial preferences), you probably never expected to see it in sports.

Well, look no further.

In Malvern, Arkansas, 11 year old football player Demias Jimerson is the hottest thing since sliced bread.

In fact, he’s too good. Because he scores more touchdowns and plays better than the Marxists in the school system think he should, he has been penalized and told he can’t score more than three touchdowns.

After all, he might make other players and other teams feel bad. And we can’t have people feeling bad, can we?

I mean, why should Demias get all the touchdowns.  Why can’t he share the touchdowns with less fortunate players?  He’s been a big winner in life’s lottery, and so he should give his fair share of touchdowns to poor and oppressed football players. He shouldn’t be greedy and hog all the touchdowns.

No, why should we consider applauding this boy for excellence?  Why should we consider the positive benefits to his teammates who could learn things from him?  Why should we think about the improvements players on opposing teams could make in their own skills by working to best such an outstanding opponent?

No, it’s better to bring highly successful individuals down to earth, to put them on a level with those who possess lesser ability.

It’s a pity we didn’t have Marxist ideas like this to enlighten us many years ago. We could have put people like Galileo, Kepler, Pasteur, Einstein, Beethoven, Bach, Babe Ruth, Joe Montana, and so many selfish, greedy achievers in their place and prevented so much suffering and loss of esteem among their peers.

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