Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Oct. 29, 2011

These were the hottest and most read stories at Dakota Voice last week. If you missed one the first time around, this is your chance to get caught up on the important happenings of last week before the new week rolls in.

Mitt Romney Thinks You’re Stupid – Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney is a deceiver. There’s just no other way around it. You can’t be an adult, educated human being and make such a patently false statement like he made today by accident. His statements about being a conservative remind the astute observer of the tale of the frog and the scorpion.

Rewriting History to Elect a Dubious Future – In George Orwells iconic 1949 novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, the ill-fated protagonist, Winston Smith, works for the so-called Ministry of Truth in which his job is to alter or re-write history as propaganda for the ruling party of Big Brother. Now, over sixty years later, we are seeing this very thing taking place in our own nation.

America a Christian Nation – On Faith Under Fire, historian David Barton and secularist Annie Lauri Gaylor debated the question of whether America is a Christian nation. Gaylor spun her best spin, but when the dust settled, the evidence told the story: America was founded by Christians on Christian principles, and the vast majority of Americans today still identify with Christianity.

Sex: To Be Used Responsibly – Few things are as overrated as doing whatever you feel like. There is an old analogy that sex is like fire: powerful and beneficial in the right place, but incredibly harmful everywhere else. The cost of irresponsible sex is incredibly high, both in material and intangible ways, and one doesnt have to look around very hard to see this.

Southern Poverty Law Centers Despicable Lies – We are not surprised at any fallacious rhetoric that emanates from the Southern Poverty Law Center. They have degenerated into nothing more than a radical leftist mouthpiece against Christian values, conservative principles and basically all members of center-rightAmerica, especially those of us who identify with the patriotic Tea Party movement. We know from where the real hatred and violence comes, and it is not from Christians telling the truth about homosexuality.

Occupy Dayton Scum Shares His Thoughts – As disgusting as it is, I love it when Leftists tell us how they really feel. When so many Leftists have tried to hide their anti-American sentiments for so long, it is refreshing in a way to finally see and hear them bring their disgust for America and our way of life out in the open.

The Marxist Income Inequality Lie – Richard Epstein of the New York University School of Law explained simple economics to the Leftists at PBS recently. Somebody will probably get fired for allowing this guy on the air at Propaganda Broadcasting System, but for now be thankful for the lesson. We would so ourselves one better to worry less about what another person has that we don’t, and worry more about how we can work harder to reap more of the rewards to be found in this wonderful land of opportunity known as America.

SD Sec State on Redistricting – South Dakota Secretary of State Jason M. Gant spoke today about the new Legislative Districts that will take effect in January as a result of the special legislative session which set new legislative boundaries. Three counties were newly split in order to meet population targets, and five counties that had been split are now unified.

Rep. Paul Ryan Smacks Un-American Class Warfare – Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke at the Heritage Foundation today regarding the Left’s corrosive class envy rhetoric.The American way isn’t coveting what your neighbor has. The American way isn’t trying to leverage the authority and power of government to take things from one American to give them to another American who hasn’t earned them. The American way is freedom, opportunity, and living with the consequences of our own good or bad choices.

I Like Guns – Do you like guns? I like guns. I’ve been shooting them since before I could drive a car. My kids are shooting them long before they’ll ever drive a car. Guns can help you preserve your freedom. The Second Amendment is the one that guards all the rest…if we’ll guard it. Do you like guns?

Thank you, Dear Reader, for making these the best of the best!

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