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‘Courageous’ Expanding to 48 New Cities

'Courageous' Expanding to 48 New Cities

COURAGEOUS—the current release from the makers of FIREPROOF and on track to top that surprise hit at the box office—expands to 48 new cities this weekend. COURAGEOUS remains a top 10 film in the weeks after its Sept. 30 premiere, after opening on 1,200 screens, compared to the 3,000 locations typical for a film in wide release.

Occupy Chicago Crowd Seeks Destruction of Israel

Occupy Chicago Crowd Seeks Destruction of Israel

I love it when Marxists stop pretending and show us how they really feel. Like this “Occupy Chicago” occupationist gathering where flyers were distributed calling for the destruction of our ally Israel, as well as our defeat by the terrorists and other Islamic militants in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Financial ‘Reform’ Blocking Recovery

Financial 'Reform' Blocking Recovery

Wave after wave of government moratoriums on foreclosure of bad home loans since 2008 has stalled the natural market flow and forestalled recovery. As Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson says, “Government needs to get out of the way once and for all and allow this process to work itself out.”

Marxist Occupation Movement Isn’t About Marxism?

Marxist Occupation Movement Isn't About Marxism?

Even though the Marxist class envy and greed, the hatred of the free market system, and the loathing of the American way of life have been evident in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement since before it actually began, we have nevertheless seen right here on this website Marxists claiming the “occupationist” movement isn’t about Marxism. It is important that we be witnesses to the facts, so that we are better equipped to defend our God-given blessings we know in America.

Reality Shines Down on Occupationists

Reality Shines Down on Occupationists

Some great observations and analysis of the “occupationist” movement by Steven Crowder. As he does so well, Steven brings the real world to “Occupy Wall Street” and shines the light of reality on their fantasies. Watch the roaches scurry!