10 Reasons Romney is Wrong for Republicans

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt has compiled 10 good reasons why Christians should reject Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney as a Republican candidate for president.

Those 10 reasons are just as relevant and applicable for Republicans in general as they are for Christians, because in all those ways, Romney is inconsistent with Republican values and the GOP platform.

This is a quick summary, but you can read the full list with details at WorldNetDaily:

  1. Romney forced homosexual marriage upon Massachusetts.
  2. Romney is pro-abortion.
  3. Romneycare is the reason we have Obamacare.
  4. Romney opposes our Second Amendment rights.
  5. Romney appoints liberal Democrats as judges.
  6. Mitt Romney supports adoption of innocent children by homosexual cohabitaters.
  7. A shocking new book shows Romney actively hurt pro-family causes.
  8. Romney is not a fiscal conservative.
  9. Romney supported liberal amnesty programs.
  10. Romney made the Top 10 list of worst RINOs.

Mitt Romney is not a conservative, nor is he a real Republican. Don’t be fooled by alleged epiphanies or changes of heart like his switch from pro-abortion to pro-life (just in time to run for president) a few years ago, or his sudden conversion on the hoax of anthropogenic global warming now.

Republicans who are currently backing this pretender need to stop supporting a shyster and get behind a real Republican like Herman Cain or Michele Bachmann.

George Will is right.  With Americans in historic proportion seeing through the complete bankruptcy of liberalism, we most assuredly do not need to settle for a fake Republican like Mitt Romney when we could have a real Republican in the White House next year.

Our country is far off course and hurting.  We desperately need someone at the helm who understands freedom, our founding principles, and the public virtue that will be necessary to return our great nation to health. Mitt Romney is completely unqualified for that role.

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