Tea Party Member Gets Violent, Obscene With Reporter

In the video below, a reporter asks a Tea Party member about a disagreement his group is having with other locals.

The Tea Party person calls his political opponents obscene names, then tells the reporter to leave the area (again using obscene language) and man-handles the cameraman. The Tea Party person also threatens further violence and damage to private property.

The Tea Party member also makes obscene gestures toward the reporter and cameraman.

WARNING: Extremely obscene language is used by the person in this video. DO NOT play this video if CHILDREN are present.

I don’t normally post material of this graphic nature, but it is important that people see the behavior of these Tea Party people so they can denounce it accordingly. Though no doubt the media will be all over this in a heartbeat, so I’m sure you’ll have 100 opportunities to see this before the day is out.

Oh, that wasn’t a Tea Party member? That was a union member? Someone on the Left? You mean this was one of the “tolerant” liberals out there who are just “looking out for the little guy” and are leading the way in setting President Obama’s “new tone?”

Sorry, I didn’t realize that. I thought it was one of those violent, racist Tea Party people. Never mind then. Move along. Move along.

12 Responses to “Tea Party Member Gets Violent, Obscene With Reporter”

  1. Yep-move along folks, nothing to see here

  2. Wow, Bob!  The facetious beginning had me going until the last paragraphs. 

  3. That was the point. 🙂 Maybe suck in a lib or two and get them to think for just a moment (I’m a dreamer, I know).

  4. Yeah, dream on.  A lib will find absolutely nothing wrong with what this piece of garbage did.  The same way many libs saw nothing wrong with what Anthony Weiner did.  But let a Republican or TEA Partier do the same….

  5. I’d wondered where I’d seen this before and it just hit me.  That abortion clinic that was being picketed by Operation Rescue members featured a similar, foul mouthed, violently assaultive Leftist who didn’t like them being there.  But this “nurse” was actually physically assaultive, and was eventually charged.  I think this current scumbag also crossed the line by threats and contact.

  6. As a liberal leftie, I don’t agree with the Tea Party on many issues, but they certainly aren’t all like this guy, in my experience. So I call a truce on this one.

  7. By the Leftist method of measuring the Tea Party, this is more than enough to brand the entire labor movement (perhaps even the entire Left) as just a bunch of foul-mouthed thugs.

  8. You’re blacklisted, Chrysichthys, for your childish and unnecessary use of gratuitous obscenity.  Does that make you happy now?  

  9. Censorship, censorship, censorship….[waving finger at Mr. Ellis]

  10. I’m a bad, bad boy.

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