Some Ever Eager to Waste Your Money

It seems there are some in this world who are extremely eager to waste your money. That’s right; they aren’t so eager to waste their own money, but will practically break a leg hurrying to waste your money.

Sadly, most of these people are the people you entrust to protect your interest.

As Brett Bair points out in this report, a recent Department of Justice audit found that your government is wasting your money (if you pay taxes and aren’t a taker, that is) to the tune of $10 cookies, $8 cups of coffee, $7.32 appetizers, $65 per person lunches and $32 per person snacks.

Now, I’ve been blessed to attend a few events in Washington D.C. where the tray of appetizers probably cost more than I make in a day and the waiters carrying it were wearing clothes that cost more than my own suit…but those were private functions paid for with private funds, not taxpayer funds.

It is absolutely outrageous that those entrusted with safeguarding and representing the interest of the American people are living high on the hog like aristocracy at our expense. (Or are you okay with that?)

Then Bair tells us about a new map printed in the Times Atlas of the World which shows ice meltage in Greenland which some scientists say is exaggerated as much as 50 times.

Now while this is printed by a private group, I still detect the green scent of taxpayer money in the mix. For instance, all those who stand to gain from federal largess expended to “fight” the nonexistent problem of anthropogenic global warming.

This would, of course, include a great many scientists who stand to gain incomes through research grants into this nonexistent problem, and how to “fight” it. There are millions if not billions on the line in new and renewable research grants that can keep struggling scientists employed for the foreseeable future if there is a global apocalypse to be fought.

And let us not forget the livelihood of politicians who depend on the favor and largess from scientists and private entities in the form of “crony capitalism” who stand to gain from perpetuating this hoax. They gain in the dollars they receive to feather their nests, and they gain in the power they accumulate to deal with this “problem” at the expense of your freedom.

No, while the American people may be running out of money to pay other people to do useless things,  there remains no shortage of people who insist on getting their cut before the well runs dry.

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