Project ‘Gunwalker,’ ATF Approved Crime

On the heels of “Operation Fast and Furious” (also called “Project Gunrunner”) the ATF approved program that allowed Mexican drug cartel members to buy weapons along the Arizona border, some of which were later used to kill US Border Patrol Agents, comes “Project Gunwalker.”

David Codrea of Gun Rights Examiner has broken the story about a program in Indiana that allowed the illegal sale of weapons to convicted felons and gang members who then allegedly transported them to Chicago where they were distributed to other gang members. This was all arranged and approved by the ATF, according to information received by Codrea. At least one gun dealer agreed to cooperate with ATF agents, who also made arrangements with the FBI background check system and fixed it so the queries would go through when the gun dealer contacted them as required by law. This allowed the sales to proceed, even though the buyers were convicted felons and gang members. Presumably, some of these guns ended up being used to commit crimes in the Chicago area.

Is it only a coincidence that there was a similar program in the southwest and now another here in the heartland, in fact, in Obama’s home-town? Or is it a much larger operation, with approval at the highest levels, whose purpose is to increase gun violence with the use of illegally obtained weapons throughout the country. By doing so, it is reasoned by some on the Left, the American public will be more inclined to accept greater restrictions on the sales and ownership of weapons; a back-door attempt to impose greater gun control measures by portraying them as reasonable and necessary to curb rising gun violence and illegal gun sales, all of which was instigated by our federal government.

This administration is fearless, ruthless and tenacious. Attacks on our Constitution have become an almost daily occurrence. Many attempts to subvert our Constitution have met with some resistance, thank God, but these Marxists are undeterred. They just keep coming up with one scheme and then another, mostly illegal, attempts to take away more and more of our rights. They will not cease until they have nearly complete control on all aspects of our lives and we are then powerless to resist. It’s the same game-plan as with every other tyranical despot.

We must demand a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate this scandal. How many Americans (and innocent Mexicans) will have to die to satisfy the anti-Constitutional Marxists and bring about the “transformation” that they desire?

Please talk to your friends and neighbors about this tyranny and write your representatives and senators. Demand an investigation and an immediate end to such illegal activities on the part of federal agencies that have forgotten who they work for and their responsibility to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Senator Chuck Grassley(R) of Iowa has beeen at the fore-front of the inquiry into “Fast and Furious.” Please send him a note of encouragement, too.

6 Responses to “Project ‘Gunwalker,’ ATF Approved Crime”

  1. You make some valid points, Mr. Houseman.  I think this should have been turned over to the FBI months ago.  You can be sure that if President Bush had caused the death of Border Patrol agents by some misconcieved, sloppy initiative there would have been heads rolling in a matter of weeks.  It is up to us to put on the pressure to investigate and prosecute those who planned and implemented these programs.

  2. After all the egregious and outrageous activity of this administration, this is another and very serious incident that should land a bunch of idiots in prison.  That includes Holder and Obama aka Soetoro.  One would think that if something was working, the FBI would already be investigating this, because I’m sure they already knew about it.  But I have doubts anything is working as planned.  Most of our representatives in the Congress are silent and won’t say a word on this or any other criminality by this bunch of thugs in charge of the White House.  And unless there is some political gain to be had somewhere, I don’t think anything will happen.  A negative view no doubt, but in light of recent history, that is what I’ve come to expect – nothing.

    As one former Senate investigator said:  “Everything is fouled up, and no one goes to jail.”

  3. I am always reluctant to get onboard with epic conspiracy theories. However, having seen clearly many of the depths to which the Left will sink, it’s growing harder and harder to dismiss many of the more extreme theoretical connections.  

    A political faction that shows the kind of complete contempt for the highest law of our nation (the U.S. Constitution), the “lesser” but nevertheless important laws of our nation, the freedom of the American people, and the moral framework of our heritage…it’s hard to put anything beyond an amoral group like this.

    And it does fit their goal of disarming the American people.

  4. Regretfully, history is on your side, Steve, but we must continue the fight.  Our children and grand children must know that we did all we could to preserve freedom and morality. Against great odds, we did all we could to resist the Marxists and tyrants that sought to take control of America and transform her into a godless, repressive and spiritually stifling oligarchy of small, selfish men.  We must continue to fight until our last breath.  

  5. We’ve been keeping track of this scandal from the beginning: two gunrunning operations into Central America, and now this domestic one.  40 articles or comments, here…

  6. Thanks for the link, James.  That’s a waelth of information on the subject.