The Real Racists of American History

Ku Klux Klan members and a burning cross, Denver, Colorado, 1921 (Photo credit: Denver News)

The race-bating Left loves to brand Republicans and conservatives as racists; since their policies are grossly inefficient and contrary to American principles, there is little else they can do to discredit the ideas of their enemies.

Almost every time the Left is faced with the bankruptcy of its ideas, it’s time to play the race card. Whether it’s smearing the Tea Party, defending lawlessness on our borders and in our cities, or even confronted with the lie of their own race-baiting, it’s never a bad time to whip out the race card. Like American Express, their motto is “Don’t leave home without it.”

In reality, however, it is the Left and the Democrat Party that has historically been the enemy of black Americans and freedom for all. Even today, liberals have little to offer black Americans except for pandering and quota systems that engineer reverse-discrimination.

Let’s cut through the propaganda of the “mainstream” media and other Leftists to take a look at the history of discrimination against black Americans. Let’s take a look at history to see who has really been the enemy of freedom and opportunity.

  • A Republican president sacrificed over half a million white American lives to end slavery
  • A Republican president issued the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring the freedom of black Americans
  • A Republican congress passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to spell out clearly what Democrats refused to acknowledge: that all Americans have the same rights and protections, regardless of their skin color
  • The first seven black Americans elected to congress were all Republicans
    • Hiram Revels
    • Benjamin Turner
    • Robert De Large
    • Josiah Walls
    • Jefferson Long
    • Joseph Hayne Rainey
    • Robert Brown Elliot
  • A Republican congress banned segregation in 1875, but it wasn’t long before Democrats found ways around the law to discriminate against black Americans
  • Democrats passed poll taxes designed specifically to exclude black Americans from voting
  • Democrats passed long literacy tests as a voting requirement that were administered by racist whites to prevent black Americans from voting
  • Democrats passed “grandfather” tests to prevent black Americans from voting
  • Democrats created ballots that made it difficult for anyone to vote for a Republican and often required that the ballots had to be cast at several different voting sites
  • Democrats passed Jim Crow laws to restrict and segregate black Americans
  • Democrats gerrymandered voting districts to prevent black representatives (who had been almost entirely Republican) from getting elected again for decades
  • Democrats engineered white-only primaries that further locked out black Americans from voting
  • Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to intimidate, assault and kill black Americans who “got out of line”
  • “Politics and the School Question” from 1876 outlines the Democrat and Republican position on segregation, with Republicans supporting public education for all and Democrats calling for segregated education
  • In response to Brown v. Board of Education, 19 senators and 81 representatives voted for the “Southern Manifesto,” denouncing desegregation
  • Georgia Democrat Governor Herman Talmadge denounced the desegregation decision, stating “There will never be mixed schools while I am Governor.”
  • Mississippi Democrat Governor James Coleman said in 1957, when asked if schools would ever be integrated,  “Well, ever is a long time. I would say that a baby born in Mississippi today will never live long enough to see an integrated school.”
  • Texas Democrat Governor Allan Shivers deployed the Texas Rangers to block desegregation
  • Arkansas Democrat Governor Orville Faubus called out the National Guard to block desegregation in Little Rock in 1954. Republican President Dwight Eisenhower had to federalize the Ark. National Guard, order them to return to their posts, and then deploy the 101st Airborne to protect black students in Little Rock
  • In response to Eisenhower’s actions in Ark., Georgia Democrat Governor Marvin Griffin stated “Come hell or high water, races will not be mixed in Georgia schools.”
    • In preparation for action in Georgia similar to that taken in Arkansas, the Democrat-controlled Georgia legislature passed legislation that, in that eventuality, public schools would be dissolved and replaced with private schools run by the state which would exclude black Americans
    • In Arkansas, Gov. Faubus ended up shutting down public schools for a year rather than allow black Americans to attend
    • In Virginia, Democrat Governor James Almond did the same thing
  • Louisiana Governor Jimmie Davis in 1960 tried to block a young black girl from attending public school in New Orleans
  • Washington D.C. schools are the worst in the nation, and are predominately black, yet when a voucher program was proposed to help low-income students get out and into better schools, only 1% of Democrats in congress supported it

It is easy to see that the same political group that is the enemy of freedom and opportunity today with their heavy-handed socialist programs and regulation has been the enemy of freedom and opportunity for over 150 years.

They can peddle their propaganda with the help of the “mainstream” media, but it’s pretty clear that this leopard never changes its spots.

5 Responses to “The Real Racists of American History”

  1. Note that the Republican view of race, as seen above, is largely based on the Biblical idea that people are all of “one blood,” while the Democrat view has been largely propped up by the idea that “blacks” are “less evolved” than “whites.” And guess which view is actually confirmed by modern knowledge of genetics?

  2. Thanks for the post! How true!