Romney Barking Up the Wrong Tea Tree

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As incredulous as it may seem, we’re starting to hear that Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney may be trying to cozy up to the Tea Party.

From Newsmax:

Romney has already earned the grudging respect of one key tea party leader in Congress, Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah.

Chaffetz, the popular tea party figure who is weighing a primary challenge against incumbent GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch, has officially endorsed Romney.

“Mitt Romney is in the best position to beat Barack Obama,” Chaffetz said, explaining his endorsement, “and I really want to beat Barack Obama.”

With a few more staunch conservatives like Chaffetz in his corner, Romney’s strategy may prove formidable, say some pundits.

The article says “Romney Courts Tea Party.” Sure. If the Tea Party has half the sense God originally gave them, Romney will get nothing but a cold shoulder from the Tea Party.

I don’t know anything about Rep. Chaffetz, but if he’s a genuine “Tea Party leader,” then to back Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney, he has to either (a) be completely ignorant of Romney’s liberal record, (b) be a sellout for some gain somewhere, or (c) a complete moron.

Social issues like abortion and the homosexual agenda aside (these are not Tea Party priorities),  Romney is big-time on the wrong side of some core Tea Party issues–not to mention core Republican issues.

He’s responsible for forcing government health care on the people of Massachusetts, and while that may be allowable within the Mass. Constitution, it definitely violates Tea Party priorities of freedom, limited government and fiscal responsibility–not to mention generally making the health care situation worse in Massachusetts with longer wait times, more difficulty finding a health care provider, and driving up health care costs.

Then there’s his environmentalism, including a recently professed belief in the hoax of anthropogenic global warming.  As is usually the case with government officials who believe in this hoax, Romney likes pushing Kyoto-type climate agreements and cap-and-trade global warming tax schemes that rob Americans of their freedom and their property.  That’s not a Republican position, and speaking as someone who has helped found two Tea Party groups and been involved with the Tea Party movement since the beginning, that darn sure isn’t a Tea Party position.  Tea Party people virtually universally hold the AGW hoax in deep contempt for the big-government, big-tax, anti-freedom vehicle it is.

Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney is just another liberal, but one with an “R” after his name. It’s no wonder arch-conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh recently said Romney is running against Republicans and running against the Tea Party.

But not every “Tea Party leader” is as (a), (b) or (c) as Chaffetz. As the article indicates, Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler isn’t drinking the Romney Koolaid:

As for how simpatico Romney is with the tea party, Meckler states: “In recent weeks he’s said things that I wouldn’t say are in sync with the tea party. Like expressing his support for the concept of man-made global warming. That’s not in synch with most people in the tea party.

“Also, his position on forced energy efficiency is not in sync with the tea party. So he’s got positions, that I don’t think are in sync with the tea party, that he has stated openly in recent weeks.”

That suggests Romney may have to sip a lot more tea on the campaign trail before he can expect to garner significant grass-roots support.

In fact one grass-roots group, Western Representation PAC, already has launched an anybody-but-Romney campaign called “Stop Romney.”

FreedomWorks has expressed strong opposition to him as well, warning that a Romney nomination could discourage many tea party members from taking an activist role in 2012.

He’s absolutely right that a Romney nomination would discourage many Tea Party members from getting active in 2012. In fact, unless Barack Obama just totally plows under his already-pathetic poll numbers, a Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney nomination is a guarantee of four more years of Barack Obama.

How can I be so sure? Can you say, “Bob Dole in 1996?” Can you say, “John McCain in 2008?” The Republican base (i.e. real conservatives) won’t stomach a RINO and Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney is the biggest RINO in this race. In fact, he’s just flat in the wrong party. He should be running as a Democrat.

I’ve been a staunch opponent of sitting out elections since before I could vote. I even held my nose and voted for Dole and McCain. But I’m thinking seriously, if the GOP is stupid enough to ram through a Romney nomination, of sitting out the entire election season. And if I’m that tempted, I can guarantee you that HUGE numbers of the Republican base are even more likely than me to sit it out.

Frankly, I am sick and tired–sick to my stomach–of seeing Republicans and/or conservatives settle for this kind of crap. I am nauseated beyond words and fed up with people on the Right who will chose a pathetic, liberal candidate if he has an “R” after his name “because he can win,” instead of putting their hand to the plow and putting their back into getting a real Republican elected. The only Republican candidate who can’t get elected is the one we think can’t get elected, and frankly I want to puke at the thought of people on the right allowing the “mainstream” media and the RINO establishment to pick our candidate for us.

When will people on the Right grow some? When will people on the Right summon some guts? When will people on the Right show some backbone and take a real stand for what is right?

Unless a GOP candidate is simply fundamentally flawed (and I can’t think of any that are), we the rank and file GOP can get any candidate we get behind elected.  We just have to support them. We just have to promote them. We just have to get excited about them. We just have to quit acting like “they can’t get elected” simply because (oooohhh!) the “mainstream” media doesn’t like them and (oooohhh!) the fatcat GOP establishment isn’t throwing rose petals and big bucks at them.

Seriously, my fellow Republicans: are we ready to STOP allowing liberals to pick our nominee?  Are you?

3 Responses to “Romney Barking Up the Wrong Tea Tree”

  1. Bob, I know you mean by “sitting out the election season” that you just won’t vote in the presidential race.  Even if Romney somehow becomes the Republican candidate, we still must fight for truly conservative representatives and senators to hold back the tide of pure fascism.

    I still stand by my conviction that I will never vote for Romney.  For me, it would be no different than voting for Obama, an unconscionable position.

  2. I debated about whether I should even bother responding to someone who is as lacking in comprehension skills, or disingenuous, or both, as yourself.

    I didn’t misconstrue the Tea party message in the slightest. Did you miss the part (in the 9th paragraph) where I said

    Social issues like abortion and the homosexual agenda aside (these are not Tea Party priorities)…

    Reading and comprehending really helps one to understand communication.

    What did I say

    …Tea Party priorities of freedom, limited government and fiscal responsibility…

    Did I say anywhere that Tea Party patriots were “far-right extremists?” Have I EVER said that? No, you will not find that anywhere, in this article or any other that I have written. Do you not only fail to read some things a person writes, but make up others? Not a very good way to understand a person, much less learn anything.

    Perhaps your severe cognitive disabilities would explain how you can say with a straight face that a person who created a massive, oppressive and expensive government health care bureaucracy which he forced on the once-free people of Massachusetts “has lead” on the issues of cutting spending, debt, growth of government, and tax increases. It’s either severe cognitive disabilities, or you’re nothing but a liberal propaganda artist for RINO Romney. I normally opt for “propaganda artist” when I read fantasies like the one you’re trying to spin, but as I said, you seemed to have a lot of trouble getting a grip on just exactly what I said and didn’t say, so maybe it is a mental thing.

    You probably won’t be able to grasp this, but I’ll say it for the benefit of other readers. Romney is a royal hypocrite for forcing government health care on the people of Massachusetts while being all up in arms about Obama giving the same shaft to the entire country. It’s neat for Romney that he didn’t have to violate a Constitution as Obama did to force this oppressive bilge on some Americans, but bilge it remains–the same taking of private property to finance it, the same forcing people to do and by what they might not otherwise choose to do, the same worse access to health care, the same longer waiting lists, the same higher costs, and the same asinine move farther away from the free market solutions we need instead of getting the consumer more involved in the process.

    Sorry, America doesn’t need a different Obama with an “R” after his name.

  3. Yes, that’s what I meant, ‘Spouse.  I’d still vote for acceptable House, state and local candidates.  But after having swallowed my integrity in 96 and 08, I just don’t know if I could do it again in 2012, even for a (slightly) lesser evil.