Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Aug. 6, 2011

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Aug. 6, 2011

These are the best of the best articles at Dakota Voice last week. These are the articles our readers found most intriguing and most wanted to talk about. If you missed one the first time around, this is your chance to get caught up.

ACLJ Victorious over Atheists in Texas – It is really nice to see a bit of good news among all the wretched stories of communist treachery in Washington and across the nation. This past Friday, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) succeeded in beating back the atheist group, Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), in its efforts to prevent Governor Rick Perry from taking part in the Day of Prayer in Texas.

SOS: Speaking of Seniors – Practical Advice for VA-Medicare Billing Problems – Fixing a problem among the Veterans Administration, the Medicare system, and an insurance company to make sure that the VA, Medicare, and the Medicare supplement insurance policy all pay the correct amount on a medical bill is an ordeal. There is a much easier way: Ask a Congressman or Senator to help. Members of Congress and the U.S. Senate can get the cooperation of the VA and Medicare systems to correct a medical billing error. They have the power to fix these problems, and if there is systemic failure, they need to know about it.

Micromanaging America’s Farms Out of Business – Farm life is different than most ways of life these days. It’s a tough life that requires the children from an early age to help get things done and make the bottom line. But now, thanks to your meddling, way-over-the-edge-of-the-Constitution government, it may soon be a lot harder on farm families to meet the bottom line…and put some out of business altogether. And it seems to stem from an attempt to implement UN environmental regulations on a local level.

New Debt Deal ‘Super Congress’ is Super Unconstitutional – So, now we have the so-called debt deal out of Congress. Whats the deal? In reality, when we look at the black and white of it, the citizens of America are getting one of the biggest shafts the government has ever shoved at us, and tacked on to that wicked shaft is a brand-new, powerful committee that is a dream-come-true for any Constitution-hating communist.

The Day the Strength of Men Failed – Tolkien called it the day the strength of men failed when the people of Middle Earth failed to destroy the One Ring. So it was with the votes to increase in the debt ceiling, as the American people have received little in exchange for allowing it to keep all of its powers to borrow with abandon. Politicians who have spent decades in Washington simply refuse to give up their Precious and we can only hope that their lust for power wont be all of our undoing.

Nearly Three Quarters Believe Global Warming Data Falsified – I’ve been watching the number of people who believe in anthropogenic global warming (AGW) fall for several years now. At first, many if not most people were willing to give scientists the benefit of the doubt. But after mountains of evidence to the contrary, embarrassing gaffes by High Priest Al Gore, ClimateGate, and IPCC goofs, the idea of AGW may soon be a cheap throw-away joke on late-night TV. This new poll finds a huge majority believe scientists have falsified the data to support their own theories and beliefs.

Senator Reid ‘Disconcerted’ By Tea Party Politics – According to ABC News, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) says the rise of the Tea Party has been “very unfair to the American people.” I think he means, “…very unfair to Americans who want to leech off the hard work and enterprise of others.” He is also “disconcerted” by the rise of Tea Party patriots.

Faith-Based Audiences Embracing New Film ‘Warrior’ – The relationship between Hollywood studios and faith audiences continues with Lionsgate’s forthcoming WARRIOR, an intense glimpse into the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) and a portrait of a family who finds wholeness and healing after devastation by alcoholism. Faith-based leaders are responding enthusiastically to early screenings of the film, citing its artistry and urgent focus on forgiveness as the key to healing.

Poll: America Hates ‘Debt Deal’ – It looks like very few people were fooled by the worthless waste of time that Washington is trying to pass off as a “debt deal.” As reported by Newsmax, Rasmussen finds a whopping 22% of Americans like this stinker. Even most Democrats don’t like it.

The Spending is Nuts – PowerLine blog has been running a contest for the video which best illustrates the financial problems we’re facing in America, and the winner has been announced. You’ve already seen one of the good ones in the “Dawn of the Debt” clip. This is the winner of the contest: “The Spending is Nuts.” This cute video tells the story of America through a group of squirrels who create their own free society where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed…but corruption eventually threatens their way of life.

Thank you, constant reader, for making these the best of the best!

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