Climate Predictions Fall Flat in a Few Hours

The GOES-13 satellite captured this stunning visible image of Hurricane Irene at 8:32 a.m. EDT, just 28 minutes before Irene's landfall in New York City. (Source: NASA)

Hmmm. It seems Hurricane Irene didn’t behave as predicted by the weather specialists. You know, the “scientists” we’re crazy not to believe like the Gospel.

The Washington Post quotes National Hurricane Center senior forecaster Richard Pasch as saying “People see that and assume we can predict everything.” He also expressed frustration that people “take our forecasts verbatim.”

So when it comes to unsupported claims based on fudged computer models about what is supposed to happen with the climate in 100 years or 300 years, we’re supposed to eagerly and joyfully surrender up our freedom and our property to stop a hypothetical climate apocalypse?

But when it comes to what is supposed to happen in the next 24 to 72 hours, we’re not supposed to take that too seriously?

But what do I know?  I’m just a racist (though since I’m a Republican, I’ll probably have to switch parties).

One Response to “Climate Predictions Fall Flat in a Few Hours”

  1. If abuse of the word “science” as an indoctrination tool keeps going the way it has been, “scientist” is going to end up as the least trusted and respected occupation in the world.