Amazing Discovery: Sun Heats, Cools the Earth

I know this is going to be hard to believe, but scientists are indeed confirming long-held myths and legends that the sun has an incredible influence over heating and warming of our planet.

I know, I know, modern science has for many years told us that it is the SUV, light bulbs, power plants, factories and evil capitalism in general that warms our planet–and warms it dangerously. Their evidence was compelling (who could argued with fudge-covered computer models, after all?), but it seems that somewhere along the way, they went amiss.

The Financial Post, Watts Up With That?, The Register, The Telegraph and many others are talking about the latest research out of the European Organization for Nuclear Research known as CERN which found that (gasp) that star in the middle of our solar system burning at 11,000 degrees, along with cosmic rays, strongly affects climate on earth

From the Financial Post:

The research, published with little fanfare this week in the prestigious journal Nature, comes from über-prestigious CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, one of the world’s largest centres for scientific research involving 60 countries and 8,000 scientists at more than 600 universities and national laboratories. CERN is the organization that invented the World Wide Web, that built the multi-billion dollar Large Hadron Collider, and that has now built a pristinely clean stainless steel chamber that precisely recreated the Earth’s atmosphere.

In this chamber, 63 CERN scientists from 17 European and American institutes have done what global warming doomsayers said could never be done — demonstrate that cosmic rays promote the formation of molecules that in Earth’s atmosphere can grow and seed clouds, the cloudier and thus cooler it will be. Because the sun’s magnetic field controls how many cosmic rays reach Earth’s atmosphere (the stronger the sun’s magnetic field, the more it shields Earth from incoming cosmic rays from space), the sun determines the temperature on Earth.

The hypothesis that cosmic rays and the sun hold the key to the global warming debate has been Enemy No. 1 to the global warming establishment ever since it was first proposed by two scientists from the Danish Space Research Institute, at a 1996 scientific conference in the U.K. Within one day, the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Bert Bolin, denounced the theory, saying, “I find the move from this pair scientifically extremely naive and irresponsible.” He then set about discrediting the theory, any journalist that gave the theory cre dence, and most of all the Danes presenting the theory — they soon found themselves vilified, marginalized and starved of funding, despite their impeccable scientific credentials.

These naive scientists failed to realize that their research was not approved by the dominant “scientific” culture. They failed to recognize that there is a “consensus” in the “scientific” community, and nothing–not even contrary evidence–is allowed to contradict consensus. There is no greater evidence in the universe than consensus. What were these scientists thinking?

As Reported by The Register, the powers that be in the “scientific” community are not about to allow any unauthorized thinking to go on out there, and have put a gag order on scientists who may have gotten away from the herd:

The chief of the world’s leading physics lab at CERN in Geneva has prohibited scientists from drawing conclusions from a major experiment. The CLOUD (“Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets”) experiment examines the role that energetic particles from deep space play in cloud formation. CLOUD uses CERN’s proton synchrotron to examine nucleation.

CERN Director General Rolf-Dieter Heuer told Welt Online that the scientists should refrain from drawing conclusions from the latest experiment.

This actually isn’t the first scientific evidence we’ve seen that solar activity has a dominant effect on terrestrial climate…but since the “scientific” community tries to keep a tight lid on unauthorized evidence, you might not have heard about the report made during the Copenhagen climate conference a couple of years ago pointing to solar activity, or the peer reviewed study in 2009 pointing to natural causes for climate change, or the New Zealand meteorologist who says global warming is 95% water vapor, or the tree ring data going back thousands of years showing climate change long before evil SUVs and modern technology came along, or the NASA study a couple of years ago which found that the sun was primarily responsible for planetary warming, or that Greenland’s glaciers disappeared during the Holocene Thermal Maximum, or the multitude of other evidence that global temperatures were much higher in the past without any human activity to blame.

It becomes more and more apparent with each passing week that the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming is nothing but the power grab that climate scientists Dr. Roy Spencer says it is. It is nothing but a Marxist-fueled swindle designed to separate free people from their money and their freedom.

It won’t be long before only those financially invested in maintaining this hoax are still parroting its claims. But the American people must remain vigilant to keep admirer’s of the emperor’s new clothes out of positions of power where they can adversely affect our freedom and property rights.

HT: Michelle Malkin.

8 Responses to “Amazing Discovery: Sun Heats, Cools the Earth”

  1. Yes, I was shocked to learn the sun has an effect on the eath’s temperature!  When I tried to explain this to our SD congress critters, all I got was a lecture about green house gases and climate change blah blah blah etc.  The biggest threat to our environment are the gases coming politicians in Washington D.C. 


    Wait. Let me be clear (cough). Great post, Bob!

  3. In other news… Plants inhale C02, exhale 02.  Film at eleven.

  4. Lacking a thermometer, God was not in the AGW earthquake, nor in Bob Ellis’ free lunch

    Plagiarizing your own sun-story time after time expecting different results may be proof of AGW causing insanity

  5. Lacking a thermometer, God was not in the AGW earthquake, nor in Bob Ellis’ free lunch

    Plagiarizing your own sun-story time after time expecting different results may be proof of AGW causing insanity

  6. Lacking a thermometer, God was not in the AGW earthquake, nor in Bob Ellis’ free lunch

    Plagiarizing your own sun-story time after time expecting different results may be proof of AGW causing insanity