When You’re Conservative, Reporting Crimes to Police=Wimpy

Alana Goodman at Commentary Magazine points out that the “mainstream” media’s hysterical war against conservative women continues.

If most of us were threatened with violence, assaulted, stolen from and had our property vandalized, our response would be to report these crimes to the police. Apparently this is an unacceptable response for a conservative woman. Respect for the rule of law and faith in our justice system is inappropriate for a conservative woman.

At least that’s how the Miami Herald sees U.S. Representative and GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s response to having her house egged, her property stolen, and threats issued against herself and her husband. In the mind of the “mainstream” media, for a female conservative to report such crimes to police is wimpy and uncalled for.

I told you the “mainstream” media’s shameless efforts to smear and belittle their guy’s (Barack Obama) opponents would boggle the imagination, didn’t I?  It’s only just begun…

One Response to “When You’re Conservative, Reporting Crimes to Police=Wimpy”

  1. As could be predicted, the Left reveals their thinly veiled violent face for all to see when a staunch conservative  takes the spotlight.  It’s going to get uglier on the part of liberals – it’s just what they do.  And the media loyally backs them up.