The Gary Harvey Case: Out of Site Out of Mind


Tracheostomy tube (Photo credit: Klaus D. Peter, Wiehl, Germany)

How long has it been since Gary Harvey fell down those basement stairs? How long has it been since he found himself vulnerable and fighting not only for life just because of his injuries, but fighting for life because the government officials and so-called ethic’s committees decided it was time to end his life by starving and dehydrating him to death? Just how long has it been and what has changed since the fight began all those years ago?


Some people have opened their eyes, started paying attention and have begun grasping the idea that something “ain’t” right here in the world of Gary Harvey and his so-called government protectors.

It doesn’t matter “why” Gary Harvey fell down those basement stairs. What does matter is what has transpired since then and whether he has had a true chance at recovery and comfort to whatever extent is possible rather than what has been assigned to him by those who really don’t have his best interest at heart.

Sara Harvey didn’t cut Gary’s trach tube as some try to suggest. She cut a fish line on a defective trach that the medical staff ignored and allowed to remain defective. They sure did get busy fixing what should have been fixed weeks before, while trying to shift all the blame on her though.

She didn’t follow medical advice? And this advice would be what advice and from whom and how guaranteed was the advice in the first place? Did the advice come from a “proven all-knowing never wrong source” or just some one that had an opinion on care options?

The guardian, county and hospital staff care about Gary more than Sara?

Why is she fighting for his life and they are fighting to either end it or to keep Gary in isolation, as no prisoner or animal is allowed to be kept?

If anyone thinks that Gary Harvey has been cared for in his best interest at the hands of the so-called ethics committee et al, then that someone needs to have a mental evaluation. His best interest was to be starved and dehydrated to death? His best interest is to live in isolation? And whose best interest will they decide on next? Yours or mine or our neighbor down the street?

It’s something we better be thinking about, since it certainly doesn’t seem like we have been thinking about Gary’s or those in situations such as his..

Next time, it could be our family member, or even us, that faces wrongful guardianship and death panels. It could be. Once set in motion — it’s hard to stop, but we can. Let’s stop it with Gary Harvey! Let’s bring him on home to where he wants to be! Let’s bring him on home to his wife!

Carrie Hutchens is a former law enforcement officer and a freelance writer who is active in fighting against the death culture movement and the injustices within the judicial and law enforcement systems.

6 Responses to “The Gary Harvey Case: Out of Site Out of Mind”

  1. Thank you, Carrie Hutchens and Dakota Voice for remembering Gary Harvey and for following this important case. 

    Not one — NOT ONE – of Gary Harvey’s court-appointed “protectors’ would want to be treated as they treat him.  Not one — NOT ONE — of them would want their own spouse mistreated as they do Sara Harvey. 

    Gary Harvey belongs in the comfort of his home and the love of his wife for as long as he is blessed to live.


  2. A freind whispred in my ear last night and gave me some insight on what this looks to her. She is right. babies in a Soviet orphanage in the 60’s who wasted away for no apparent reason despite being kept fed and clean and warm.  Psychologists discovered that it was the lack of human touch, of embrace and communication, which was killing them. Is this is what they have in mind for baby boomers, the elder and disabled? 

    Thank you Carrie and Bob Ellis for keeping your hearts and prayers with Gary.

  3. Oh by the way if anyone cares to know the profile picture represents the patient care administaered at the hospital where the patient is kept in isolation. Think maybe this is where some of the infections could orginate and find its way into the patients body? Think they washed it off? or perhaps just picked it off the floor and put it back into the body without any sterialization? hhhhmmmm 20 some infections …..I guess this would be one of those mental exam questions.

    Gary wants you to know this so that it does not happen to you.

  4. excellent, excellent article.

    Thank you Carrie for keeping the focus on Gary and his plight.

    God-willing, and assuming Gary has an honest and fair court hearing the case now, this ridiculeous, unlawful and lawless government intrustion into Gary’s life — all for the sake of purely private personal gains of third-party service provides and lawyers engaged in unfair and decpetive trade practices while serving more than one mater in a scheme of conflcits of interest exisiting by virtue of thye clear presence of duel and multiple agency relationships, Gary will be freed from his captors soon. 

  5. Well, there you go… proof that as long as there is life — there is hope!  Terri Schiavo believed that and you proved it!  Way to go!

    PS  How did you wake and save your mom and two baby brothers’ lives?