The Futility and Folly of Environmental Extremism

The Institute for Energy Research (IER) has an interesting piece at Big Peace on Britain’s blunder of relying in wind power.

It’s a very interesting read, and here’s the conclusion:

Wind power is an intermittent electricity generation power source that requires back-up power from fossil burning facilities when the wind does not blow or freezing temperatures, as was the case in Britain last December, result in their not being able to generate power. So far, wind developers have been able to construct their wind farms without having to deal with the need for back-up power because sufficient fossil fuel generating power exists. However, it has been determined in Britain, that their goal of almost one-third renewable generation, mostly wind power, by 2020 cannot be met without an additional 17 natural gas-fired plants as back-up power.

The power companies that will need to build those plants and run them on standby want a capacity payment to pay for the cost of those units. So, taxpayers and consumers will be paying for the wind power, their subsidies, and the standby power that is needed to keep the lights on. And, some believe there is no net gain in emissions because the ramping up and down of the fossil fuel plants causes more fuel to be burned and more carbon dioxide to be emitted than running the fossil units in steady state.

How long will it take for politicians to get wise to wind power?

So many aspects of environmentalism turn out this way, i.e. the more we spin our wheels trying to fight a nonexistent problem (AGW), the more we contribute to what the hoaxers claim is causing the hoaxed phenomenon.

It’s almost as if God is looking down on us and shaking his head: “I told you human beings that I made you special, in my image, and that I made this entire world and everything in it for you. I created a universe billions of light-years across and filled it with more starts than you can count, and created life in such complex DNA code that you’re only beginning to grasp the basics of what I did…and you don’t think I’m smart enough or powerful enough to create a planet–with oceans and volcanoes and other natural processes that produce more “greenhouse gases” than you will ever dream of producing with your puny human activity–that has self-cleaning and self-maintaining systems?”

I can almost see Him laughing a sad laugh as He watches us waste money on windmills that end up costing more money and creating more emissions than if we’d never built them in the first place. That’s the kind of cosmic justice that befits a God of truth in reaction to a deception like the hoax of anthropogenic global warming.

But then, most of these environmental wackos don’t believe in God in the first place, or if they do, their understanding of him is so uninformed and distorted that he can’t be much higher than Barack Obama in their eyes.

Come on. Let’s pull our head out of the clouds and get busy drilling the domestic oil, building the refineries and building the power plants America must have to meet our energy needs. Contrary to what socialists like Barack Obama thinks, we don’t have to repeat every mistake made by every mediocre socialist country in the world.  We just don’t.

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