SOS: Speaking of Seniors – Cataloging Medicare Complaints

For over eight years, I have helped senior citizens to cancel wrongful medical charges that were caused by problems with the Medicare system. I have saved the clients of just one insurance agency in Indiana over one million dollars by cancelling or correcting wrongful medical claims.

I have many complaints about the Medicare system. Briefly stated, here are just a few.

First: Medicare does not pay for self-administered medicines in an emergency room setting. This started with the enactment of Medicare Part D for prescription drugs. The loop-hole allows pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to charge enormous amounts for medicine without any help from Medicare for senior citizens. The federal government’s attitude is that if a senior citizen is well enough to pop a pill in the mouth, then the senior citizen is well enough to pay for the medicine.

Second: The Medicare system for processing claims is not very reliable and there are few avenues for correcting mistakes in the system when it makes errors. For example, if a senior citizen gets a bill, but not the Medicare Summary Notice from the federal government, the client should be able to send the bill to the Medicare supplement insurance company and the company should be able to contact Medicare to request the Medicare Explanation Of Benefits so that it can process the medical claims. Sadly, that is not the case. This is a major reason that senior citizen’s medical bills don’t get paid unless someone helps the senior citizen as I do so much.

Third: Medicare is not well designed for senior citizens who have two insurance policies in addition to Medicare. For example, if a widow has one insurance policy because her deceased husband’s steel mill gives her some insurance because of a plan for retirees and their spouses, but the widow needs Medicare supplement as well, the Medicare system does not forward claims to two insurance companies. In several specific cases, a widow or woman got great pharmaceutical coverage under a steel mill retiree plan, but health insurance with a high deductible. So, she bought a Medicare supplement insurance policy to handle her health insurance. This was too complicated for the Medicare system. It is still too complicated for the Medicare system. The Medicare system messes up the medical claims of such a senior citizen. The current remedy is ridiculous because it requires the senior citizen to forward claims information to the second insurance company. Senior citizens don’t need another complication in their lives. Many simply get confused and pay bills that they really do not owe just because the Medicare system is so bad.

These are just a few of the many, many problems with the Medicare system. I am not a Congressman and I have little influence in Washington to change things for the better. I have been very frustrated with the system because I believe that the Congressmen and Senators who passed the laws that shaped the system have been listening to lobbyists of special interest groups rather than listening to people like me who are “where the rubber meets the road” and can tell them about the many problems with the Medicare system.

If you believe that the health care reform law will solve health care problems, then you never have dealt with the Medicare system and its many, many problems.

Woodrow Wilcox is the senior medical bill problem solver at Senior Care Insurance Services in Merrillville, Indiana. That is the largest senior citizen oriented insurance agency in the Midwest. For over six years, Woodrow Wilcox has helped senior citizens with medical bill problems with Medicare and VA clinics. He has saved senior citizens over $600,000 in wrongful charges. For more health care articles by Wilcox, visit or

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  1. i reposted this….What people don’t realize is that CMS (Center for Medicare/Medicaid Service) a federal agency, will be taking over all of our healthcare. If you have Medicare now…you will probably be put into a Medicaid program. Medicaid will be in the SD Exchange and all private mangaged care companies will have to compete with this program that doesn’t need to make a profit.