Petulant President Expects to Have His Way

President Barack Obama

This petulant man-child of a president truly thinks everyone is supposed to just bow and scrape before his superior intellect and majesty.

When budget talks get tough, President Barack Obama “summons” the leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives, who are leaders of a co-equal branch of government–as if they were serfs or at best subservient nobles under his sway.

Obama expects us to continue forking over our hard-earned dollars for unconstitutional socialist welfare schemes, even as he dismantles the military that defends us and keeps us free–one of the few constitutionally authorized activities of the federal government.

Telling the press how they should cover this story. Yes, we know the “mainstream” media is nothing but a lapdog that eagerly seeks to please their Obamessiah…but even knowing this, it was pretty pathetic.

He and his minions in the U.S. Senate have failed to offer any substantive plan…other than raising taxes in an already struggling economy that has just had a 120 pound backpack known as ObamaCare with its extra costs and regulations strapped to their backs. And he has the audacity to bellyache about the Republican’s plans–plans that have been available in some form or another for over a year now.

This is why Tea Party folks are unwilling to compromise–there is nothing to compromise with.  This arrogant Marxist occupying the White House simply expects Republican leaders and the American people to just roll over and let him “transform” America into the kind of mediocre dunghole every socialist country around the world is.

Sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Obama, but there are still more real Americans out here than you counted on.  There are still more of us than you realized who still treasure our heritage of freedom and limited government.  And we aren’t about to see this great country go down without a battle royale.

Watch the videos below.  Soak them in.  And let them renew and invigorate your resolve to hold the line against these Marxist wreckers of our country, and start next year to repair the heavy damage we’ve allowed them to do to our country over the past several decades.

3 Responses to “Petulant President Expects to Have His Way”

  1. Watching the video, I really think Obama is about to crack.   It’s not going to be pretty, but it’d going to be glorious!

  2. How can you people call yourselves Christians? Every word is dripping with name calling hate. I guess you have not noticed it is your side that insists on your way, no tax hikes (which are at lowest level in 60 years at the same time the deficit is at it’s highest). Your side is the one proclaiming no compromise.

  3. Thank God our taxes are as low as they are. Unfortunately, they aren’t nearly low enough, and we darn sure don’t need them going up so we can (a) place further drag on an already-ailing economy and (b) waste even more of our hard-earned dollars on useless, counterproductive and unconstitutional social programs.

    Yes, my side is proclaiming no compromise. Only fools and the morally bankrupt compromise with the evil and self-destructive.

    If we don’t institute systemic cuts in spending, our nation is going to COLLAPSE. We have over $14 TRILLION in debt, and we are spending about $1.6 TRILLION more EVERY YEAR than we bring in, with idiotic and unconstitutional initiatives like the porkulus bill and ObamaCare only adding to the problem.

    That is why Moody’s and S&P’s says that anything less than $4 trillion in cuts is a waste of time…and they’re actually being generous. Cuts over the next 10 years need to be around $9 or $10 trillion if not more, and those cuts need to be REAL by getting rid of wasteful and unconstitutional spending NOW, not a few years down the road…when it’ll never get done.

    God has blessed the people of America with a free country. Christians desperately don’t want to squander God’s gift to us (and to the world) with reckless, irresponsible spending that violates God’s principles of fiscal responsibility, frugality, respect for law, and respect for property rights…which is what we’ve had too much of in recent years.

    Nope, no compromise with reckless big spenders who are intent on running our country into the ground.