Media Smears Conservatives, Endangers Homosexuals

In the latest news from the battlefront in the “mainstream” media’s all-out war against surging Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, ABC “News” has deemed it necessary to conduct an undercover investigation of the Bachmann’s counseling clinic in a fresh effort to smear her and paint her as a loony extremist (a loony extremist to the “mainstream” media means you’re squarely in “normal” territory).

From the “news” outlet called The Politico:

an ABC News story featuring undercover video shot of one of the center’s counselors saying it’s “possible” to be “totally free” of such feelings.

Isn’t it hilarious that these dufus “journalists” felt they had to go undercover to theoretically fool clinic personnel into admitting what many people have known for thousands of years: that people can stop being homosexual and behave normally?

(Perhaps even more hilarious is the tone of this article, as if the author finds it incredulous that men were designed to be attracted to and join their bodies with women, and vice versa, despite the glaringly obvious complimentary nature of the design and function of the male and female sex organs. One might expect this same author to be amazed at the assertion that–gasp–screwdrivers were designed to drive screws into things and–surely not–that hammers were designed to drive nails! Yes, it would be hilarious…if people’s health and lives weren’t being put in jeopardy by such asinine lunacy.)

The Bible tells us that homosexuals were being cured of their sexual disorientation some 2,000 years ago. I think it’s a safe bet that people were changing from this behavior even before the New Testament was written, though the power of Christ certainly makes positive moral change much easier.

Though homosexual activists and their “useful idiots” in the “mainstream” media and intelligentsia desperately want you to miss this, people have continued to leave behind the homosexual lifestyle even today. The list of people who have changed is long (including people like Joe Dallas, Denise Jones, Christine Sneeringer, and Melissa Fryrear), and those whose stories are unknown is certainly even longer. These people are living examples that change is possible, and homosexual activists who don’t want to change desperately want you to think these people don’t exist, or “It’s just a matter of time before they’re back to their old ways.”

Wouldn’t that be such a nice thing to say about a person who had gotten themselves off the booze or the drugs: “It’s just a matter of time before he’s back at it.” How encouraging! How loving!  But when your real goal is justifying your own poor moral choices, so what if you drag others down with you–it’s all about you, right?

This is something the medical and therapeutic community at large knew and understood…until 1973 when homosexual activists brought enough vociferous political pressure to bear that the American Psychological Association (APA) took homosexual behavior off their list of recognized mental disorders.  No new clinical research involved. No new scientific discoveries behind it. Just raw political pressure…and cowardice from so-called “professionals.”

I’ll let ABC and The Politico in on another secret, and I’ll provide it at no cost to them. Anyone who commits immoral behavior can be cured of that behavior…if they want to. Bonus secret: if you don’t want to stop practicing an immoral behavior, no amount of assistance or help or therapy will enable you to quit.

I was a smoker for 14 years. There were a few times here and there when I got tired of the expense or maybe was dating a woman who didn’t like smoking and I thought about quitting. Sometimes I’d make it a whole 12 hours without a smoke, only to lapse back into smoking again. I could have easily drawn the conclusion (if I had the enablers in pop culture that homosexuals do today): “It’s impossible for me to stop smoking. I was born this way. God made me this way.”

But none of us are that stupid, are we?

I was also a heavy drinker for many years. In fact, I was a full-blown drunk. There were a few times when I got tired of doing stupid things and regretting it the next day, or not remembering at all what I’d done the night before, and I tried to stop drinking. Sometimes I’d make it several days or a week or two…only to lapse back into drinking again. I could have easily drawn the conclusion (if I had the sheep-minded enablers in pop culture that homosexuals do today): “It’s impossible for me to stop drinking. I was born this way. God made me this way.”

But none of us are that stupid, are we? (By the way, I’ve been off the booze for 19 years and off cigarettes for 17).

The same is true of homosexual behavior. If a person wants to stop behaving homosexually, it is possible for them to do so…if they want to. If they don’t want to, no amount of helpfulness or coercion or offered rewards will make it possible.

Of course, not everyone who tries to stop behaving a certain way will succeed. Some will truly be tired of living life the way they have, and they will put forth the commitment and determination to change–especially with help. Others may want to change on some level, but aren’t sufficiently motivated FOR different behavior or AGAINST the old behavior to successfully make a break. This is true of any behavior. So it should come as no surprise that some people have attempted reparative therapy for their sexual disorientation, only to fail to change.

Interestingly, though, the success rate for recovered homosexuals is much better than that of recovered alcoholics and drug users.

The simple truth is that human beings can only truly be happy and live up to their fullest potential when they are living as they were created to live, and it is obvious morally and scientifically that we were designed to live heterosexually.   Living contrary to our intended design brings only suffering and pain…which we see in abundance from the multiple diseases and metal problems which plague the homosexual community.

It is profoundly sad to see a theoretically reputable organization that tries to pass itself off as an objective news outlet would so shamelessly dedicate itself to (a) brazenly behaving like a partisan political operative to smear a presidential candidate with whom they disagree, and (b) perpetuate dangerous lies about homosexual behavior (that it is healthy, that it is normal, and that it cannot be changed) that leaves so many confused people right in the crosshairs of a dangerous and deadly practice.

Bonus bias:

The report is the latest in a string of headlines about Bachmann, whose record is relatively unvetted by the national press, amid a quick ascent in the polls.

These “journalists” are obviously distraught that because they haven’t yet exhaustively dug up every piece of real, perceived and propagandized dirt possible on Bachmann…while Barack Obama’s record remains–after the finish of the 2008 campaign and 2.5 years in office–not only “relatively unvetted” but largely whitewashed by the national press who want to know nothing of his associations with domestic or foreign terrorism figures, adoration for Marxism or anything else unpleasant.

In 2008, the “mainstream” media threw away their mask and all remotely credible pretense of objectivity in their no-holds-barred zeal to elect Barack Obama and destroy Sarah Palin (the one person on the GOP ticket that might have defeated him). This time around, the Leftist propaganda artists formerly known loosely as “journalists” have come out of the closet early, and what we see these shameless jackals do to destroy their guy’s enemies may just boggle the imagination.

So predictable…so pathetic.

15 Responses to “Media Smears Conservatives, Endangers Homosexuals”

  1. Fortunately, much more has been learned about homosexuality than was found in the Bible 2000 years ago.The reliable data today suggests that homosexuality is no more a choice than is being left handed or right handed and in the very near future, I expect that the responsible gene will be found. To suggest that the book of psychological wisdom cannot advance in 2000 years is disingenuous. Just a few years ago, we were treating mental disorders by lobotomy and electro-shock therapy.

  2. Unfortunately for you, all that has been found about homosexual behavior only reinforces what the real-world experiences recorded in the BIble indicate: that this immoral behavior can be changed if the practitioner wants to. No one suggests that any sort of scientific understanding cannot and does not advance in 2000 years. Your suggestion that any one is making that assertion indicates either poor reading comprehension, or a deliberate attempt to deceive by distracting the reader from what was said.

    After decades of desperate searching for a “gay gene” that homosexual activists could blame their moral laziness on, they have come up zip. Decades of frantic clinical “research” by homosexual activists has also failed to turn up any compelling physiological evidence that homosexual behavior is somehow preordained.

    Meanwhile, homosexuals continue to leave behind that lifestyle, proving over and over and over that like all moral and immoral behaviors, one can make a choice to practice it, or not to practice it.

    Homosexuals are not animals. They are not slaves to their lusts and desires. Please, speak about them with a little more dignity than that. Homosexuals are human beings who can modify their behavior at will like anyone else.

  3. Seriously, did you even read the article? It refuted your response before you made it.

    BTW, I note your use of a key weasel word: “reliable.” Your use of the word would have “reliable” conclusions being the popular ones that you agree with and “unreliable” ones being the unpopular ones you disagree with.

    Unfortunately for your position, the popularity of a conclusion, and the insistence upon labelling it “reliable,” cannot force it to be correct.

  4. Are you familiar with the concept of The Fall? The time when the Bible tells us that all of creation was damaged due to the original sin of humanity? Most things in creation no longer work perfectly and are subject to flaws and errors. This also affects the animal kingdom, and sometimes they also don’t function as they were intended to.

    Also, do you understand the difference between human beings and animals? Do you understand that we have intelligence and they don’t? Do you understand that we have a conscience and they don’t? Do you understand that we have a free will and they don’t? Please, don’t insult homosexuals by comparing them to animals that cannot control their own primal lusts.

    The Bible was indeed written thousands of years ago by human beings…who were told what to write by the Being who created this entire universe as well as everything in it including the scientific laws which govern this universe. It’s a pretty safe bet that he knows what he’s talking about, and the proof is found in the fact that despite this book being more than 2,000 years old, not a single factual, scientific or historical claim within it has ever been found to be false. Can you say that about Darwin’s “Origin of Species?” No. Can you say that about any textbook in existence? No.

    So if you were smart, you wouldn’t so casually dismiss a book that has a record of 100% reliability, even after thousands of years of skeptics trying to find a single mistake in it.

    Oh, and I’ll pass for now on enlightening you concerning your obtuse statements regarding parents marrying their children and such. I’ve already provided you so much unaccustomed truth that you’ll likely choke on it.

  5. I hate to break it to you, but it is you who is desperately out of touch with reality. If you can’t even accept the obvious scientific, moral and practical truth that a penis was designed for a vagina and vice versa, man, you’re in real trouble.

    As for the APA, you should have bothered to read the information I provided instead of leaning on propaganda. The APA completely abdicated any credibility or authority it had in 1973 when it removed homosexual behavior from its manual of disorders based not on science, not on clinical research, not on new evidence, put purely on the basis of vociferous political pressure from homosexual activists. Truly pathetic.

    People have been changing from their homosexual behavior for thousands of years, and they continue to do so today. You do yourself and thousands of homosexuals a grave disservice by attempting to keep them enslaved to a self-destructive behavior.

    And no, Bachmann did NOT deny this. Apparently you have reading comprehension problems as well as a loose fix on reality. I suggest you go back and read again. Remember, facts are your friends…even if they are scary to a flawed worldview.

  6. Sadly they are. Any organization which accepts and promotes unscientific politically correct propaganda over facts and responsible health advise has indeed abdicated their credibility.

    I am not the standard of credibility or truth, so don’t look to me. I only look to the facts (Biblical, scientific, biological, societal, clinical and practical) and to the truth and acknowledge them.

    I would suggest you (and these organizations) do the same.

  7. You’re committing the fallacy known as “appeal to authority.” Basically, it’s saying that your position must be right if it’s shared by official-sounding “experts.” Unfortunately, many false positions are supported by “experts” these days because they’re popular and politically correct — and because “expert” support is generally all that’s needed to push a false position.

    That’s where the underutilized concept of “thinking for oneself” has to kick in.

  8. Those who engage in homosexual behavior were not born that way. While young, some have misread clues and mistakenly patterned after the wrong role. It’s a parent’s affirmative duty to ensure that their son or daughter is patterning correctly as a male or female and guide them to do so. Haven’t read it yet but I’ve read there’s a book available on the subject of preventing homosexuality in children.

    Others who practice homosexual behaviors were introduced to it while at a crucially impressionable age by having been sexually abused by older homosexuals.

    Unfortunately, our young are now being recruited into validating the homosexual agenda by being indoctrinated on a wholesale level by homosexuals who’ve infiltrated into our schools and entertainment industry. Parents have the duty to stand up to the schools who are participating in this abuse and to pull the power on the entertainmaniacs. 

    Any addiction can be overcome by stopping the addictive behavior, including this one.

  9. Your first two paragraphs nicely sum up knowledge, about the roots of homosexual behavior, that has been popularly swept under the rug due to its being politically incorrect truth. I would only add that circumstances that would lead one person into homosexuality might not lead another with a different disposition; that’s as close as “born that way” gets to being true.

    And while I don’t believe homosexuality is a “choice” any more than any other issue (i.e., I didn’t choose to be a porn addict, Bob didn’t choose to be alcoholic), it’s telling to see how “gay rights” supporters react to “choices” regarding homosexuality. A youth experiencing confusion regarding their sexuality is encouraged to “choose” against going the normal route; a married father who has been confused about his sexuality is encouraged to “choose” to come out as gay rather than to stick to his vows; and a person who has been living as gay is blasted and slandered if they “choose” to pursue normality. If “gay rights” supporters actually believed their own hype, they would react very differently to all these scenarios.

  10. Excellent points, all. Well said!