Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Jul. 9, 2011

These are the best of the best at Dakota Voice last week. These are the articles people most wanted to read and talk about. If you missed one the first time around, this is a great chance to get caught up.

Independents: Enlightened or Ideologically Lazy? – Alfonzo Rachel cuts right to it and tells it like it is when he examines the political phenomenon of “independents.” I don’t think I’d be quite as hard on independents as Rachel…but then again, maybe I might.

Sexuality Can Be Bent–And Straightened – There is a lot of focus these days on the issue of homosexuality — not because it’s worse than other sexual abnormalities, but because it’s the one such abnormality that is currently being loudly proclaimed as “normal.” The simple reality, though, is that homosexuality is no more an “orientation” than pedophilia, porn addiction, or any other sexual issue. Rather, it is just one of many directions in which sexuality can be “bent” early in a person’s life.

Romney Reckless on Radical Environmentalism – Mitt Romney’s defenders claim he wouldn’t really advance the radical environmentalist agenda even though he admits to believing in the hoax of anthropogenic global warming. He’s a Republican, after all. Yet this “Republican” hammered Pacific Gas and Electric in his state with new environmentalist regulations, and also accused the electrical industry of killing people and causing thousands of health problems. Does this sound like a Republican to you?

America Suffering from Oikophobia Outbreak – Bill Whittle’s latest Firewall examines one of the most maddening and insane of the characteristics displayed by the Left: self-loathing of America. Or as it is officially known: Oikophobia. Given the revolutionary ideas upon which America was founded, and the incredible results of those ideas, why would Americans of any stripe–the Left or anywhere else–loathe this obviously superior and remarkably blessed way of life?

Being the Church When Empires Fall – As Christians, we must reclaim and re-humanize the topic of sex by giving our young people a comprehensive theology of sex that is grounded in the gift of intimacy and relationship, rather than a self-satisfying animalistic act. We must move beyond our prudishness that simply teaches teens what not to do and celebrate the gift of sex as God intended it to be. Until we start teaching the superiority of sex as defined by God, this generation will likely continue to exchange the truth of God for the lie.

Real Republicans Are Foul-Mouthed Opponents of the Family – Is the kind of Republican, the kind of elected official you’d like representing you and your party one who uses strong profanity and admits to using it in front of young children? If you are a Republican, do you want to be represented by someone who contributes money and energy to fight against the protection of innocent human life, and against the protection of the sanctity of marriage? If you are a Republican, do you want to be represented by someone who has given tens of thousands of dollars to elect Democrats? Republicans, you have such a person in your midst.

Reagan Honored for Freedom in Europe – There has been little coverage of this here in the States but one of America’s greatest presidents, Ronald Wilson Reagan, is being honored overseas for helping free millions of people from the oppression of Marxism. A statue of Reagan is being unveiled today in London, another in Budapest, and a street is being named after him in Prague. Reagan’s vision of peace through strength helped bring down the world’s most Evil Empire and set free many countries that had suffered under the yoke of communism for decades.

God Save Our American States – This is a clip from a fantastic HBO miniseries John Adams, based on David McCullough’s book by the same name. The scene is of that historic day 235 years ago when our American ancestors made the incredible decision to defy the most powerful empire on earth, declaring independence and the right to establish a new nation based on revolutionary (yet thousands of years old) ideas about the origin of humanity’s rights, and the foundation of good government.

Obama Should Get Out of Texas Business – President Obama is inserting his nose into the business of Texas by demanding the Supreme Court intervene and postpone the execution of an illegal alien from Mexico. It was an awful crime. Back in 1994, Mexican national Humberto Leal Garcia brutally raped and murdered a 16-year-old girl in San Antonio. There was no doubt of his guilt. Yet our president is trying to help this convicted murderer–who should not have been in our country in the first place–escape justice.

Hanging Together at High Cost – The Declaration of Independence was approved JULY 4, 1776. John Hancock signed first, saying “the price on my head has just doubled.” Benjamin Franklin said “We must hang together or most assuredly we shall hang separately.” So what happened to the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence?

Thank you, Dear Reader, for making these the best of the best!

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