Bachmann Ahead in Another Presidential Poll

Michele Bachmann at the state capitol in Des Moines, Iowa, speaking to supporters. (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Another poll, this one from Public Policy Polling, finds Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) leading the pack of GOP presidential contenders.

Michele Bachmann’s momentum continues to build and she’s taken first place by the smallest of margins on PPP’s newest national Presidential poll. 21% of Republican primary voters say she’s their top choice to 20% for Mitt Romney, 12% for Rick Perry, 11% for Herman Cain, 9% for Ron Paul, 7% for Newt Gingrich, 5% for Tim Pawlenty, and 3% for Jon Huntsman.

Bachmann’s rise has been fueled by her appeal to voters on the far right- and their skepticism about Romney. Romney has the lead with centrist Republicans (23-17) and
with those defining themselves as only somewhat right of center (24-17). But among ‘very conservative’ voters only 48% have a positive opinion of Romney to 34% who view him negatively, weak numbers, and Bachmann’s capitalizing on that with a 26-15 lead over Romney, who’s in third place with that group of voters.

Zogby’s latest poll a couple of weeks ago had Bachmann way out in front with a double-digit lead over her nearest competitor.

This poll finds that if another conservative candidate like Sarah Palin or Rick Perry got into the race, that could divide Bachmann’s supporters…and vault RINO Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney to the front.

The “mainstream” media and other liberals–including many within the Republican Party–know this and are not only doing everything they can to smear her publicly, they are trying to fan the flames of competition and strife from her own party. Someone even a little less conservative than Bachmann is preferable to them, but they especially like to hedge their bets with liberal candidates from the Right.

That is my greatest concern with the possibility of Palin or Perry getting into the race: dividing the Republican vote and leaving RINOs to select liberal Romney as the GOP nominee.

That would guarantee another four years of Barack Obama in the White House, because a great deal of principled Republicans will not vote for Democrat-lite and we’ll have another 2008 on our hands.   And with the country in the current dire fiscal and economic shape, I don’t know if America can survive another four years of Barack Obama.

2 Responses to “Bachmann Ahead in Another Presidential Poll”

  1. We got a fake “president” in the first black man; maybe we’ll get the next real president in the first woman.