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Limbaugh: Romney Running Against Republicans

Limbaugh: Romney Running Against Republicans

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said today on his show that Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney was running against Republicans and conservatives. It’s no wonder. Romney already has a record of promoting socialized health care, global warming nonsense, abortion and the homosexual agenda–and now he’s singing the praises of the unions. Shouldn’t Republicans have a nominee who isn’t ashamed of Republican values?

Obama’s $278,000 Per Job Boondoggle

Obama's $278,000 Per Job Boondoggle

The Weekly Standard reports that according to President Barack Obama’s own economists, his porkulus package (aka “stimulus”) cost the taxpayers $278,000 per job saved or created. Now that’s government efficiency! It’s no wonder the founders of our nation set things up the way they did (i.e. a free market and limited government). But Barack Obama is so much smarter than the founders, isn’t he?

SOS: Speaking of Seniors – Cataloging Medicare Complaints

SOS: Speaking of Seniors - Cataloging Medicare Complaints

For over eight years, I have helped senior citizens to cancel wrongful medical charges that were caused by problems with the Medicare system. I have saved the clients of just one insurance agency in Indiana over one million dollars by cancelling or correcting wrongful medical claims. I have many complaints about the Medicare system. Briefly stated, here are just a few.