Yes, the Traditional Family Model is Still the Right One

Leftist social engineers have been trying for several decades now to get us to believe that there is no difference between men and women, that each is interchangeable…and often that men are optional or disposable. They have tried to convince us that children are like a potted plant that can get by on a little bit of water and sunlight every now and then.

Some of us never bought that bottle of snake oil, and now the “professionals” are starting to figure out what those know-nothing primitives who lived prior to the 1950s knew all along: parents–including fathers–play a critical role in the healthy development of children.

The Wall Street Journal features an article about 16 long-term studies of father involvement that were published in the journal Acta Paediatrica in 2008.

Here are some excerpts from the WSJ article:

The rough play is already benefiting her older daughter, who is “a little timid,” Ms. Schiermeier says. “She has toughened up a little” playing with her dad. “He is teaching her how to take the blows of life, and to get in there and fight.” All three kids are learning to take turns and work as a team. For Mr. Schiermeier, that is intentional: “I push them to get outside their comfort zones.”…

…Parenting patterns may be rooted in neurological differences. Under stress, research shows, men’s brains are wired to respond to challenges physically, leaping into action. Women are more likely to withdraw or shut down…

…Because fathers have had to learn to manage their own impulses to strike out or react physically to frustration, they may be better equipped than mothers to help children manage their own urges to behave badly, Dr. Pruett says….

…Fathers’ impact on kids’ behavior may begin as early as infancy, a 2009 analysis in Behavioral and Brain Sciences suggests. Mothers tend to keep their babies calm, gazing at them, babbling together and affectionately touching them, based on video analyses of mothers and fathers interacting with their 5-month-old infants.

In contrast, fathers tend to get the babies more excited and laughing, often playing physical games that startle or arouse them.

The differences persist as children grow older. Research shows that mothers of older children tend to talk more with their children about their frustrations, while fathers may try to distract a child and encourage him or her to move on.

Another reason involved fathers help kids, of course, is that families often function better when two parents are working as a team to give children what they need, supporting each other’s efforts.

Research is beginning to catch up to what human beings once understood instinctively just 50 years ago or less: that men and women are different, that each has unique giftings that they bring to the table of parenting, and that both are extremely important to raising healthy, well-adjusted chilren.

Sometimes it can be impossible in this fallen world to give a child the home they deserve. The death of a parent, or a divorce forced on one spouse against their will by another can rob a child of a parent.

But we are also now engineering homes that deliberately rob a child of a mother or a father: single-parent adoptions, pregnancies with no intent to marry, artificial insemination of single women, and adoptions by homosexuals.

The games we are playing with marriage and family, and the self-centered behavior we adults display in relationships, has left our nation’s children swinging in the wind.  We’ve pretended that because we wanted no-fault divorce, because we wanted the “benefits” of cohabitation, because we wanted the freedom from responsibility offered by the welfare state, because we wanted to have whatever relationship we’re in or not in masquerade as “marriage” and the proper setting for family.

Because we adults have placed our own short-term desires ahead of our children’s welfare while telling ourselves “They’ll be okay,” we now have two or three generations of children that are on prescription drugs to keep them docile, on recreational drugs to cope with a sense of purposelessness, locked up in juvenile detention or jail for acting out their anger at being left high and dry by the “grownups,” or knocked up after looking for daddy’s love in all the wrong places.

We have taught our children that they are our second, third or fourth priority after satisfying our gonads, our career ambitions, and social agendas….and we wonder why they misbehave and do so poorly in school.

Isn’t it time the grownups started acting like grownups and put our children at the top of our priorities–and did all we can to ensure that they grow up with engaged mothers and fathers in the home?

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12 Responses to “Yes, the Traditional Family Model is Still the Right One”

  1. Amen and amen!

    Anyone want to try to make a fool of themselves by arguing with the above?

  2. Well said, Bob.  Because it is all very true.

  3. Ft. Worth, Texas has had the unenviable top position in U.S. infant
    mortality rates in recent years.  And yet, the city newspaper writes
    articles of head scratching confusion about the cause, when you learn by reading the data that the mothers are virtually all single mothers, mostly of racial minorities.  No one in the PC world of news media and liberal government will admit that this is a major factor, but continue down their destructive path of denial, excoriating anyone who will point out the obvious.  And by doing so, condemn even more generations to death, disease and permanent poverty.

  4. Studies have also shown that the more children a family has, the less successful the children will likely be in life. Many attribute this to the fact that the parents’ attentions are divided exponentially with each subsequent child. A first born who is accustomed to receiving 100% of their parents’ love and adoration, will only receive 50% after a second child, 33% after a third child, 25% after a fourth child, and so on.

    So if we’re going to dictate who should be allowed to have children based on a “perfect” family model, shouldn’t we also dictate how many children a family can have based on this same goal of perfection… 

    The bumper stickers should be amended to read: Marriage = One Man + One Woman + One Child

  5. Really?

    You mean like John F. Kennedy, from a family of nine children?

    Or perhaps you mean someone like Celine Dion from a family of 14 children?

    Mayhaps you mean the Jackson Five, of the Jackson family of 11 children?

    Maybe St. Catherine of Siena froma family of 22 children?

    Could you be talking about someone like Mark Wahlberg from a family with nine children?

    Maybe you meant John and Charles Wesley from a family of 19 children?

    Or maybe Ludwig van Beethoven, the second of seven children?

    I’m sure it’s none of these large families you’re talking about, right? They are so unsuccessful, right?

    In fact, you aren’t even talking about large families at all, are you?

    It’s really just the only feeble swipe you as a homosexual activist could manage to take at family, right? Better a feeble swipe than allowing the traditional family to stand unharassed right?

    I thought so.

  6. Nice sarcasm… I hope.

  7. Abject contempt for “breeders” is nothing new with the sodomites.  Talk about the “animus” they say society has for them; it’s nothing compared to their raw hatred for society and godly, natural order.

  8. Thank you, Bob, for perfectly demonstrating my point for me!
    There are many, many examples of exceptional, influential, and historically significant people who didn’t come from what some researchers would claim is the “right”, “best” and/or “perfect” family model… including great artists, musicians, authors, scientists, actors, and even POTUS and other world leaders.
    …so why do you keep insisting that there is only “one” “right” “family model” ???

  9. Since it apparently escaped you (not hard, since you ran from it), the right family model is one with a mother and a father.

    It must really stink to be wrong, know you’re wrong, but lack whatever it is that enables most people to get right.

  10. “the right family model is one with a mother and a father”

    And just what is so hard to understand about that anyway?

    Lord, please let me never have desires or beliefs that force me to deny the obvious. Amen.

  11. Amen.

  12. Yes, behaving responsibly and putting children’s welfare ahead of the petty desires of adults is far too authoritarian.